November 15, 2011

Welcome home Laptop. Welcome Home.

Ive been without laptop for a while and lemmie just say how much that sucks. I cant make dinner, I cant read up on world events, cant talk to my people via email, Facebook...yes, my dependancy on this machine is quiet pathetic but not going to change in the any near future..everything is on here...from my personal journal to my inspiration idea's for furniture, my business records,  addresses and family pictures...Needless to say...I did my best to keep it together..and a bowl of marshmellow packed cereal with a side of strawberries DOES count as a valid dinner option, no bookmarked recipe required... The Mister took it in..he's familiar enough with computers to know that "tune up" "internal harddrive polish" "oil change" are not up sells that laptops need..whereas, Im not so sure. In any case, *sigh* laptop, Ive missed you.

So, of the set I just finshed and was picked up yesterday. I refer to it as my "big set," but Ive done bigger, not to brag or anything *wink* but this, these pieces were the one's that all of my "never had that happen before" happened, so altho, it wasnt a  huge multiple piece was a long time coming to complete. In the end From me and from M and D when they came to get 'em.

I painted the whole  damn thing in a graphite gray, then did a dry-brush techique in staight up black/glaze overtop..lightly distressed, poly'd and then...there it sat for umm....June til October while I despretly searched for the perfect hardware...Did I mention my travels took me Las Vegas? Yes, I am THAT dedicated to my art. In the end, black glass pulls...perfect. Glass mercury knobs...perfect.

Lined the drawers with fabric in both pieces..

*Again with the Flash *..I hate flash, but sometimes, unfortunatly nessessary..

I also re did the chair and mirror, a coffee table and sidetable...but blogger is taking 200 years to download anything and while I was waiting for these pictures to post up, I whipped up some chocolate chip cookie dough with mint chocolate chips while also helping Madi with her science project...Honestly, now eating the dough and playing with food coloring grabs my attention more than the struggle of downloading more Ill save those for a'nuther post when bloggers back to behaving properly! 

Before I go gorge myself tho...Please check out Lauren @ West Furniture Revival where she featured and show'd off my coffee table and clock..THAT made my day! Thank you Lauren!!


  1. ooh they look awesome- that hardware is AH-mazing!

  2. It is Good and modern style furniture. I want to decor my new home by this type of modern furniture.

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