February 28, 2012

25 things

Ive been invited to take part in Bloglands 25 Things..when I tell you 25 random, secret-maybe-not-so-secret...interesting-maybe-not-so-interesting things about me..Perfect timing since I havent been in my basment painting anything for about 2 weeks...Now, lets see.

1. I hate horror movies..I dont feel any sense of entertainment watching people get hacked to bits, being tortured, terrified, haunted or waching blood sprinklers. I really truly hate them.

2. I love hate romance movies..I see completly unrealistic expectations put on men to be like women.. I watch them and I fall for it myself everytime..they make me irriated and naggy straight at The Mister for not being that head over heels, cant live without me-scream it from the rooftop-cry-sterio lifted up over his head blasting Melissa Ethridge-lets talk about our feelings chick-emotional...I watched the Notebook..I loved hated that movie..The poor Mister didnt stand a chance after the credits rolled even tho he put the Bunny to bed, was rubbin my feet, had made us some tea, and watched The Notebook with me.

3. My maiden name is Carter: and "Carter" is what most of my friends have always called me and I kept it after I got married because I love it..(even the Mister toyed with the idea of taking it on.) When I was pregnant with Madi and we were choosing names, had she been a boy, I was going to name her Carter, even tho I tell Madi that I was really going to name her Vedder, after Eddie..

4. If I had 2 boys, I totally would have named one Vedder.

5.  I stutter..over the years, Ive learned how to not have you hear it

6. I dont like cookies...kinda. I love cookie dough...so at my house, theres always dough in the bowl, but none in the jar.

7.  We dont normally have dinner around here until 7:30pm....One: I dont love cooking..I appreciate the need for it, but once I hit the lotto, Im hiring help or  we'll be takin it out every night..until then I procrastinate on having to make it..Two: When Mad gets home from school, she crazy snacks so eating an hour later is moreso making leftovers for the fridge.

8. This is actually really hard.

9. I am WORLD FAMOUS with my husband for my random thoughts..Illl be talking to him about something I saw on Antique's Roadshow` then randomly start yabbering on about getting a real Christmas tree next year even tho its February, then Ill remind him about  taking in the recycling..next, something new and exciting my sister just told me, then some new furniture hardware I just bought and finish it off with a question like "want to go to the movies on Friday?" where I dont get any sort of response because Craig tuned out 6 topic's ago..

10. Peanut butter cookies are my favorite dough that does actually turn into my favorites cookies.

11. In the summer, I wear a dress, without fail, every-single-day....and yesterday, because Im so ready for summer, I went and bought 3 new ones.

12. I read the obiltuaries in the paper almost every day. I like to read about people who once lived on our planet...the stories and the words loved ones share...Sometimes I think about them while I go on with my day....and I like that.

13.  I stay up way way too late. Usually 2am-ish...

14. My favorite food that I could easily eat every single day is sushi. My daughter also feels the exact same way about it, so we go out for sushi.....like....a LOT!

15. I make my own laundry detergent, as well all my cleaning supplies including dishwasher soap. Im  scared of chemicals and cancer and left over chemical cleaning residue in the sink Im washing the lettuce for tonights salad in or on the dishes Im serving with or in the tub my baby's soaking in....plus, I like the guilt free feeling of not killing fish when I flush and drain.

16. Im 8 years younger than The Mister and 22 years older than Madi

17. I get complimented on my feet more so than any other physical thing I own..maybe weird, however, Ive seen some pretty nasty feet so Ill take it, as well as any other compiments I may get :-)

18. This post has so far taken me a week and a half to write

19. OoooOoo..I love Judge Judy...she's my guilty pleasure... I watch her in awe.
"They dont keep me here because Im beautiful!!" HaHaHaHa!!

20. Im allergic to cats, but I have one....we respect each others personal space, and I have an absolute self confessed addiction to vacuuming, and every 2 years, when I blow the motor because of it, The Mister buys me a new one without complaint,  so it all works out perfectly well.

21. I love to read...but dont that often because once I start a book...nothing else gets done and no one gets fed until I finish it...

22. I have an OCD situation with to-do-lists. Once something is on it...Im a steam engine till its done..so, I try not to have to-do lists.

23.Its been 3 days since #18

24. Sometimes I ask my husband if he misses his pretty wife..My days are paint stained mismatched holey clothes, dirty hair,  no makeup, usually sweaty from my am workout.....until 5:00, then, Im freshly showered, hair in a bun, face shiny with moisturizer and zit cream, wearing my flannel  pajammies..Of course, he says, I still AM his pretty wife ;-P.

25. I am genuinely surprised when someone tells me they read my blog...I honestly think only my Mom, my Dad and my Auntie Crystal in BC does. Thank you, truly to the rest of you who do to!

Ok, dammit: that was hard..really..really..hard. Not because I couldnt think of earth shattering amazing things to talk about, but because I had to decide what exactly I wanted ya'll to know.


  1. #21 - if you and I lived together and there were books in the house, we would starve to death :) Nice to get to know you a bit better!

    A Reader (who is not related to you)

  2. Christie my dear, I loved your 25 things!! Some of them sound soo like me! I am so proud of you for telling us all of those :D I love your blog, and will be back often!
    I also mentioned your blog in mine today, hope you don't mind. :-)
    Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day dear Christie!!! Thanks for sharing all :D


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