March 5, 2012

D+J 1964

Ive been working on a dresser for a client the last couple weeks...and things were going really well....really well...too well. Im re-doing it from ground zero today...Seems that dresser had a mind of its own and we're having a bit of a power struggle...Ill win, eventually....Ill vent more about it when its actually done. Things could go way better yet or they could go way case of the latter, my post about it would be much more entertaining and not one to miss...

Moving on.

Since Ive been so busy doing real life things these last few weeks, I havent done more big pieces than the currant one Im working on..usually, I have a 3 piece rotation..Sometimes, I need to pull back. I get so busy with pieces that I feel a rush to get thru the "to-do" list and  I dont feel like Im spending as much time thinking about each piece like it deserves...So, in betweeen this larger dresser that *fingers crossed* will work out beautifully...inbetween the out of town trips Ive had to take, the laundry and homework Ive had to tackle (holy geezuz, Grade 5 math! Thank you Google for being my silent partner in maintaining my "Mom knows how to do everything" thing ...Ive painted up some smaller fun pieces.

These chairs was LOVE when I found them on a road trip south..

They were scratched and dinged and dented beautifully....There was even a "D+J 1964 forever" carved in the wood.. Seems thats the graffiti of choice for all genertations of lovebirds..Made me think about D and J  and 48 years later the whole time I painted...also made me wonder where all the chairs I, "C+__  4 ever" ended up.

I did the first 2 matching...then in true Christie form, got bored. So, out came a different color of paint for the back support and a totally differnt plan for the third chair.

I added some numbers since these were more industrial style metal chairs, I just thought numbers were more of the right fit rather than flowers or birds or tree branch silouettes. I didnt want 1,2,3 either.....too easy and obvious...I also didnt want the numbers to match..Im consistantly difficult that way.

I highlighted the frame of each chair in a different metallic hue..this one was copper.

This one has a gold frame, and her sister is silver.

These were so much fun! I almost grabbed a can of spray paint to paint the whole shabang of the a funky color when I first got them , but they were metal..the reason I loved them in the first place..and these have taken since 1964 to be perfectly perfectly distressed in all the right places. So, I left 'em perfect.


  1. too freakin yummy! love that you left them *perfect*, is that oilcloth on the seats? good luck with the dresser, I'm fighting aiwth a stereo console right now....and he's winning :(

  2. You are SO creative, Christie! I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE these! Awesome job!

  3. Love those chairs!!! Did you do anything to protect the paint on the backs? Or did you use a different type of paint? I would love to see a bit of a tutelage on how you did them!

  4. Thanks!!! I did use upolstery fabric for the seats...bit heavier stuff I thought would work better. For the backs of the chairs, I sanded, used a really great primer and reg 'ol paint. I did *try* chalk paint, but it actually didnt stick..scratched right off...*interesting I thought based on the claims* In anycase, I sealed the finished paint job-y with some wax and done! Thanks for loving them and the comments!


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