March 21, 2012

The Island.

Thought I abandoned you eh?

Nope, nope...aaaaand nope..

I jetsetted away with the Mister, then came home and turned into a completly disorganized mess....Funny that. Going on vacation to get away from the everyday drone of routine and then struggling to get back into it..One would think that since you do "routine" everyday for months and months and months..that 5-6-7-8 days without it, it wouldnt unravel so easily....but yet, it sure did.
We went to Vancouver Island...or "The Island" as its referred to anyone west of Saskatchewan ..We flew in, rented a car and that was a far ahead as we planned....*I* wanted to toss the maps out the window too, I mean, how lost can you get on an island? We didnt have any minors in tow we needed to set an example of responsibility for...we left the Bunny at home...but, The Mister doesnt work that way quiet yet (Im working on it) We compromised with me agreeing to keep the maps in the glove box and not access the map app on my phone. If we HAD to map it, we would do it Mantracker style.

Hello ocean...Didja Miss me?

Any place that A) doesnt have a Wal*Mart and B) Has a one room airport and boards/unboards passengers ON the runaway is a place I wanna be!

We didnt get far the first day. We had the mother of all snowstorms the morning we left and since we live in the furthest opposite direction from where the airport is, plus we were smack right in the middle of morning rush hour traffic time, we left our house very very early. We already had to cancel out trip once due to my Grandma's passing..rebooked it..Then the day before we left, there was a fire at The Misters restaurant, shutting it down for the week..I know right! Are you freaking kiddin me?! THEN this Mother snowstorm...The Universe was making us prove our determination to go on this trip. We won.

We stopped in Parksville and checked into the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort ... Thank you VERY much to Crystal and Stever for treating us here for our Anniversary xoxoxo

The Mister is not at all into "spa" scenario' all.... but finally, I was able to talk him into The Grotto Mineral Pool and Waterfall. How anyone can say no to anyplace called "The Grotto Mineral Pool" baffled me..but kicking and almost screaming, he came with me...even tho I think the only reason he came was to say he went to a Grotto, *cough* Playboy Mansion *ahem*cough*

O Yeah! Chick-Chicka-Chick-Ahh <----That tune from Ferris Bueller! Not that tune from Porn!
The Mister would never admit it..but I know floating around this pool for 2 hours at 8pm after one helluva few weeks was exactly perfectly what we needed.

View from our room

I LOVE when the Tides out!

and I LOVE sunrise's

 On one of our manymany walks on the beach, the Mister and I past this wall where hundreds of people has written lovely things on it...lovely love things. C+C 4 Eva! I love LOVE graffiti! Not crappy dirty tasteless no no..bad graffiti.
~I am not endorsing anyone to go and graffiti....but, if you do do it..make it lovely. please.

The wall was really long.....and stuffed corner to corner with love notes.

Next: Headed to Victoria, stopping in everysingle place on the way, so the normal 2+ hours drive there, for us was 6++....doesntmatter was perfection..Cowichan Valley, which I canont say..I say Cow-chicken Valley, I have no mouth wont do what my brain is telling it to do but every-one 'round here keeps asking me to say it..  I got motion sickness in Ladysmith due to the extreme hilly and curvyness of the place......but whateva. Once I felt better, The Mister bought me a peanut butter cinnamon bun at the bakery. YES! Thats what I said: peanut butter cinnamon bun...then I had a nap..It was ALL still perfect..

Being somewhat of a history nerd, super stoked we stayed at the ubber historic Empress Hotel at the Inner Harbour! Whoop! Whoop!

O! Yes! I! DID! My first time shootin oysters! Ill tell ya, at age 30-bla-bla,  Id WAY rather shoot oysters than tequila...slurp slurp delish! and no wish-for-death hangover the next day with oysters. Oyster Bonus!

Here, I may or may not have been climbing up to jump on the bed......

Wave to The Queen!

Can you hear the seals? ARK! ARK! ARK! There ya go....
This was one of my favorite spots in our travels..Nanoose Bay

This was another of my favorite spots...Sydney

and my MOST favorite spot....I got one photo Why? Because I got motion sick ag-ain (which is interesting because we went on a cruise and everyone else was running to there cabins while I was still at the bar...and even during a storm, I was still playing Bingo..solo but last man standing fer sure..Now, a few curvy roads? Really Universe? Really!) The Mister and I spent our day in Qualicum Beach looking for a pharmacy that sells gravol..and we had to walk because just the mear appearance of our car made me dizzy.. so we walked to some pretty sweet spots...and in my mad dash away from the car, I left my camera behind... so bummed. I DID snap this one of the train station on our way out when I was back to feeling fab-u-lous. Adorable Right!?

and this one I took off the internet to make up missing it in real life. (

Awww.....I LOVE Vancouver Island..I Love The Mister. It was another fabulous fantastic lovely anniversary trip with my best friend....Im very grateful for my life. I also learned, after 15 years, so so so much about my husband, and after 30-some years so so so much about myself. One being...if I feel the emergency break should be on when parked and waiting in the car, not being the driver...I should really tell the driver aka: My husband when he gets prevent a very avoidable conversation albet a hysterical belly ache snorting cry laughing one with the driver of the car 30 minutes down a very busy highway. :-)
We went on a hike and in crossing a really crazy damn high bridge, overtop one helluva meat grinder mammoth of a waterfall..Craig pointed to this, smiled and winked....which to me is him proposing again of course..I said yes.


Ill have a reveal in the next day or so...finally. The dresser that tried to K.O me 4 times...I finally finally finished. Wait for it.....

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