March 27, 2012

Quality. In my Life and Furniture.

Sidenote before the note:
I dont know how fulltime bloggers do it. I stay home yes and most of my week is devoted to painting furniture, but I also have a daughter and a husband and dogs, friends, laundry, and myself to give time too...and sometimes, blog writing (and dinner) fall to the wayside. I am in awe of blogs I read that are fresh every single day with amazing creative things linked up to 57 link parties..the children are chalk full of mom-quality time, the house is clean, they have dinner, there's time to excersise regularly, and go on dates with the husband... Im also sure theres some sorta volunteer work getting done too. A-mazing. The only conclusion I can reach is, 24 hours in a single day is only a Canada-thing.. As much as I would LOVE to offer a witty post everysingle day, as much as I would LOVE to link up to every link party on the web, as much as I would ADORE to offer endless giveaways and showcase project after project to attract more followers. I cant. Im sorry. I put everything away once the family gathers..I cant keep up in cyberspace, blogland, real life and on Mad Men in a high quality sense..for me, I just cant. Im not sure if you knew this, but here in Canada, we actually only get 24 hours in a day...but Ill still enjoy the full timer blogs, every single morning with my cup of Tim Hortons coffee and be so grateful to you.

This beaut was in some kinda rough shape....but thats ok. Roughshape doesnt scare me. This piece did not want to be glammed up. Did.Not.At.All She fought and fought hard...peeling paint, bubbling paint, shedding paint and after 4 full strip downs...she finally gave in. I felt like What Not to Wear Clinton and Stacy promising the plaid/goth/miniskirt wearing/breaking out of the tube top/blue eyeshadow women that she WILL keep her sense if personality....promise....just give in and trust.

Buttermilk under black..distressed-check...shabby-check....Glass knobs and new keyhole escutcheons (or as I like to call them: cover-frame-things)...check and check.. I reallyreallyreally need a new camera so I dont have to strain to get so-so-so pics with my phone...double check.

Sidenote after the note: Sometimes I take a while to finish a piece. Like a month...sometimes less...sometimes more. Im grateful for the very supportive clients and their patience. For me...Quality over Quanity.  No one holds my pieces to a higher standard than me. If I get 1 or 2 or 3 pieces out a month instead of 60...thats success. I do this because I simply love to do it and I want that to show in every single thing I it fine handpainted detail or just a swap out of color...Its expensive to get custom furniture and dont I know every piece I take on, I plan for them to last forever and ever...until your tastes change and you call me, not until the finish wears off...Thank you very very much to all my patient clients who assure me they know that its worth it.

This dresser took me a while..but I think she turned out a stunner!


  1. BRAVO!!! I am with you on not being able to keep up with the everyday beautiful bloggers...hats off to them, but I have no clue how they do it. I LOVE this makeover! Gorgeous all around!

  2. Thank you Allison!! I had to write a post about it, to help ease my guilt...Thank you for confirming Im not alone...

  3. I'm not sure that even if I could find time, I'd have enough to say (of interest) on a daily basis....perhaps quality over quantity is a good thing with a blog too! ;-)

  4. I love this post! I really enjoy blogging and painting furniture but life is about breathing and taking in your surroundings.....I don't know how "they" do it. I love your restyle you took it from rough shape to glamourous shape!
    Stop by for a blog visit I've been busy :)

  5. Ha! I am lucky to blog once a month now. Don't feel any shame girl - just keep doing what your doing! That dresser is FABULOUS!

  6. Thank you! Im glad Im not the only blogger who feels the need to really step back and unplug from "life" online and live some "life" in real life. Very good point too....sometimes I really do HAVE nothing at all to say ;-P
    Thanks for loving this piece everyone...I wish I had more than just my camera phone to oommphf up the photo quality, but its not my birthday yet...*smile*

  7. I am really feel great to see such kind of amazing work. you are just making it awesome.
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