April 4, 2012

The Loooong Awaited News.

Remember my lil trip to Vancouver Island The Mister and I went on a few weeks ago? Man 'O Man, I love the ocean! I LOVE wide open spaces and I lovelove the crystal clean air! Praire fields full of wheat and the ocean...my 2 very very favorite places to be!

Here's my envy creating post about that great trip. Here

I re-booked the same trip today. This time with my Mom, my sister and Madi...That first trip Craig and I went on was deeply envy-creating, everyone wants to go. Weell, I sure dont blame 'em. So much in fact, that the exciting top secret on the down low news The Mister and I have kept hush for the last few weeks is *breathe* after many many many conversations, gut and reality checks, dreams and goals, we have decided to be island bound... move there...there, to the Island. Wait! Wha?!? Yes. That is what I said. My lil family is moving west to Vancouver Island....Its a done deal... The idea was actually the underlining reason we chose Van Island over Vegas for our anniversary trip...The Mister and I flew out to look at towns, schools, houses ect ect.  This up and coming jetset trip is a gift from my mom, to show Madi where we're going to move too and help it be a bit easier on her since she's never been. Also, its giving all of us the opportunity to spend time together, just us girls..Its going to be pretty special and its going to create some great memories before we leave Alberta...no doubt about it. Im going to miss all of my family very very much, but Im excited for whats ahead.

 We decided a very long time ago that Calgary isnt the lifestyle we want for ourselves, for our family..a city of over a million people just isnt cohesive for us hippie-kinda folk. Simplicty is a beautiful word. The Mister and I are so looking forward to a much simpler life for our family.. A real priority-stuffed life. A community based life. A sustainable living life. However, leaving behind a very stable job, family, friends, my business and the province I was born and raised in and love so much is yes, very overwhelming. However again...Life is short. Good enough shouldnt be good enough and staying where we're good enough happy just isnt cutting it. Its also not the standard of life I want to teach Madi to settle at. Time for adventure and FULL fullfillment. What is life if not full of either one of those? 
My Revived Vintage is leaving Calgary with me. I have met so many, SO many wonderfully  authentic, just real lovely people thru it..One of my dear-dear-dearest and closest friends started out as a client. The support Ive gotten has been overwhelming and has allowed me to live my life everyday doing what Im passionate about.. However again, one of the deciding forces for us to go and move to the island has me setting up my own Revived Vintage shop. Im at that point here in Calgary where Im outgrowing my space and would start to look at a shop option if that was something I wanted to do here in Calgary, but it hasnt ever been and it still isnt. So..this plan has a lil extra selfish "oommmpff"  pulling me west.

Now, I have a few pieces left to do on my waiting list and I plan to finish them, but sadly, I wont be able to take on anymore large client pieces..If you have smaller items, like sidetables, cannisters, clocks, benchs ect, feel free to contact me. We plan to take only the things we love and cant live without so Ive got some purging to do...Its the begining process of living the simplier life that we're aiming towards. That being said. I have a lot of pieces in storage that I havent go to yet. If you want to see what I have available to sell and your on Facebook, take a look at my "pieces with potential" album. Ill be selling everything in it for what I paid. Also, if you want a certain color, my collection of paint wont be coming with, (I am devastated about that part) so feel free to ask or snoop my finished pieces to see what colors I have. They are for sale too. $5/gallon..some are brand new full, most are 1/2- 3/4's full. Quarts are $2.50.

Ahhhh...its the begining of a whole LOT of steps for us, but I have no doubt, that once we get settled and The Mister and I are sipping B.C wine staring out at the ocean while Mad and the dogs play on the beach, every single moment from now until then will be worth it..Stay tuned..Thats not to say I wont have a few WTF moments, so please, stay tuned for those too. O, and of course, Ill still be posting my finished furniture pieces right until the day we leave..so no worries!

THANK YOU truly and sincerely to my family and friends who have whole heartedly supported us in making this choice! Keeping it positive and exciting even tho I know your putting on a brave face for me and that has meant the WORLD...I love you all very very much....and rememeber, you all promised-crossed-yer-heart and everything, to come and visit me us.


  1. Okay! :-) and :-( Stay online! On Facebook! And get a photo up and running on Skype and get on it sometime so we can chat! I DO want to keep in touch eh! So let me know the 'where' and the 'when' so we can plan a trip! Congrats, but it'll feel different here knowing you guys aren't here :( Christmas will be different too - so get the Skype up and running! <3 Dad

  2. Christie - I get it. Greg & I moved here to SW Ontario for the same reasons from Vancouver. Quality of life and standard of living. I've always said I will return to BC again one day after the boys are grown but it would be the Island for me too :)

    Huge decision. Taking your girl out there is a smart move. Moves are tough on kids, no matter how pretty the scenery but they adapt and what you're aiming for is awesome.

    Happy purging. YUK, I don't envy that part tho ;)

  3. I am so happy for you and your family! Big decisions make for big payoffs! We should grab a coffee before you go!


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