February 20, 2012

Wha? Pirate? I have no idea....

I just finished this massive humungous dresser before things get really busy around here. Tomorrow, instead of getting up early for a plane ride west headed for a romantic island getaway with my husband, Ill be heading north to meet up with my family who's gathered from all over the place to come together for my Grandma...The Mister and I bumped back our trip 2 weeks so we could obviously be there for her and them and myself too. Thank you WestJet for letting me change my flight plans without having any travel insurance :-) You are the BEST!

I have no idea why..but all I thought about looking at this beast was "Pirate" Maybe because it was so humungous or because it was so solid and heavy but it was Yo Ho Yo Ho` a Pirates life for me for the next few weeks.... I drank a lot of rum while I worked too. She fought hard to stay old and ugly and I needed some liquid courage to keep at it.....liquid courage with a twist of lime..

This dresser was for the same client who had me redo her vanity right here..so I already knew that black with texture was what it was going to be. Now. Now........Sanding it down was like sanding molasses..it was a gummy werid sticky helluva mess...but I survived and in the end, its always worth it.

The handles were still on order and didnt make the photoshoot deadline.

I added some silver "highlights" "dusitng" "sparkle" to the texture..just to add alittle bit of "oomphf" It worked lovely...

So, this baby is done, home and living happily ever after with her vanity-sister

Ill be back soon:

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