February 15, 2012


Once again my family is going to gather. Im so blessed and grateful for my beautiful Grandmother, Bea Quinn, who yesterday, finally got to spend another Valentines Day with her Loves.  Her husband Jim, who she missed desperately since he passed almost 10 years ago and my cousin Marshal, who left us in the summer. ...Im going to miss you very much Gramma. ♥ Thank you for your love, my memories, your cabbage roll recipe and the life lessons I will always hold so dear. I love you. You were our family's core, the bridge and the pillar and again.. and still...I HATE hatehatehate cancer, but you fought it with more strength, class, humor and dignity than anyone else could *ever* do. ♥


My Grandma Bea and my Grandpa Joe....this picture is one of my most treasured things.

This picture is amazing..my baby Aunt is hours old and my Grandmother has her hair done, make up fresh and a beautiful real flower boutonnier...

Im sad..selfishly, for myself and my family..her loss is great..but Im also comforted that she is not in any more pain and with the people she missed so greatly. I know without a doubt, she loved me and my family very much. XoXo to you Gramma. You shined so bright! Love you... very much.


  1. Christie, my condolences to you and your family. Your Grandma looked to be quite the *lady* and I can see why you treasure the pic of her and Grampa so much. What a "living out lady" she seemed to be. All the best, Dharma

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, Christie. You're a pretty strong lady yourself and being able to see the positive even in such a sad time is really admirable. My thoughts are with you and your family <3


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