December 21, 2011

Wrappin up 2011!

Im not one to make New Years resolutions, but this year..I really need to address my organizational skills. They're lacking...badly. Im sure its the HO HO seasons fault more than mine..anytime I have to cram in an over abundance of shopping, feeding, eating, visting, drinking and a home from school child after her Christmas pagents and recitals...things are gonna get sloppy. So, January 2012..Ill try to be back on June, Ill have it down and by November itll be a mess once again...which is kinda how most New Years resolutions work out anyways right?
This vanity is my last finshed project of 2011...its client owned and I have to say that C was extremely patient with me..waiting for my waiting list to dwindle and her turn to come up....almost 9 months...So ,when it finally happened, I made it Priority Numeral Uno...C deserved this vanity..and BOY-o-BOY, do I  wish I had patience like that.


This baby was dried.right.out...I swear, I could hear the wood cracking just staring at it. I sanded so so carefully as not to favor any one place too long, as it would easily and quickly get knawed right down where I hovered..,I primed it 3 coats because it sucked back the first 2 to quickly and then 4-5 coats (I dont remember) of black paint..finally..we were ready for creative.
Sometime ago, my client, C bought one of my very favorite tables, silver-screen-starlet , hence how we met..and so she wanted this vanity to compliment, but not nessessarly match it.


There's a large oval mirror attachement and frame, but I didnt take any photo's of it...the mirror was left at C's house so it was just basically an oval frame with an empty center..So, lets imagine: a beautiful oval mirror looming above this beaut inset in a black and silver frame...lightly it?

Once it got some love and some primer, this vanity was a pretty easy major tragedies or anything inciting the need for heavy use of  R rated vocab...unlike a cedar chest Im working on at the moment..*breathe*..I didnt have any hardware because C had ordered it seperatly and was going to add it on when it arrived at her house..Im excited to see it all put together.

Merry HO! HO! HO! Wonderful Christmas Cheers and Happy Hanukkah Everyone!! I am now offically on holidays, which is basically me agreeing with The Mister and Mad that I wont paint anything until such-and-such-a-date so we can get some quality time together..Now: I didnt promise I wouldnt since Im up way before them and can sneak in a good 2 coats and some handpainted before they roll outta bed..However, once their feet hit the floor, its all about all of us. I am beyond grateful at the support  Ive recieved from so many people this year, making 2011 so wonderful and very successful for me with my Revived Vintage adventure..On the flip side, this year has been a very hard one for my family, but once again...the support and warm thoughts Ive recived thru emails, text messages and phone calls from old friends, new friends, family and used to be strangers has definitly made that easier too..I recognize and appreciate every single day I get to do exactly what it is I love to it paint, parent or partner, and dont take any moment for granted. Truly Thank you..So, enjoy your families and your holidays and your food and January 2012, Ill be back with more Revived Vintage!



  1. i absolutely admire you and your amazing work - sorry C had to be patient with these pieces but I think it was worth it!
    no pressure - you only continue to improve & grow, like Mad, and darn it, this is some of my fave work to date - Mad too!
    staying tuned for creative unleashings and continued success in and away from the paint cans

  2. ooh i love it! it looks so sleek- i think the black was a perfect choice!

  3. That is a stunning piece. Makes me wish I was brave enough to do a black piece but I'm not there yet.

  4. Awesome! Love it, Christie!!


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