January 8, 2012

The Best.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Man, 2012 already. I remember ringing in Y2K, year 2000 and we all thought we were going to die at midnight remember? but then we didnt. YAY! Good thing too or I wouldnt have been around to have the very best ever Christmas holiday 2011/2012. ..It started with us going home to Lethbridge to celebrate with our families before we took off on our own..

 My Mum had crackers!!

Then, we packed up and headed off to spend a few days, including THE day at Storm Mountain. A little slice of heaven right smack in between Banff and Lake Louise. I actually debated telling anyone about this place. I love that no one knows about it and the last thing I want is to call up wanting to book us a cabin and have there be no room for me...or worse, they build more lil cabins!! Bah! In the end, I loved it here so much, I just had to bragg about it. ;-P

This was our own lil cabin for Christmas...It.was.beyond.perfect

This is Buddy. He runs the place. He fell madly in love with our dog Piper and spent a lot of time on our porch waiting for her to come out. She gave him the cold shoulder and couldnt be bothered..I think he came on too strong at the initial introduction *ahem* Anyways, Id open the door to get the wine chilling in the snow (how beautifully Canadian) and this is what Id find on the other side everytime.

I had bought us all flannel jammies for this perfect occation and they proved priceless for cozy-ing up infront of the fireplace reading books or playing boardgames. I also brought a mini Christmas tree, Christmas lights, our stockings and of course, Santa's cookie plate..
Christmas Day we went snowshoe-ing. Ive never been and holygeezuz, it was so.much.fun.

Somewhere on top of a Mountain forging our own path..it was stunning, remarkable and just stuffed full of priceless moments.

This picture was taken by my Bunny right after I somersaulted down the mountainside..the snow was too soft and too deep to break anything...but I laughed the whole way down, landing with a mouth full of snow and a tummy ache from laughing so hard....it.was.Awesome and why yes, I am wearing The Misters flannel jammie pants overtop my jeans...

Hot Chocolate for the minor, crown and coke~twist of lime for me, Grumpy Bear beer for the Mister and Christmas dinner at the main cabin afterwards! O yeah!! Christmas Day could not have been more ridiculously awesome.

 This was our 5 course Christmas dinner. Yes, I took photos of every course. I wont post them but seriously, how purely Canadian is this menu! The Mister had Bison steak, Mad had scallops and I had duck...quack quack....Lemmie just say, this time last year, we were on a Disney Caribbean cruise...I had duck and I didnt like it....Storm Mountain ..I had duck and I loved it..Apparently, Im now finally old enough to enjoy duck...*smile*

We have 2 dogs....Piper, a golden doodle and Butterfly Rose. She's a lil shih tzu yorkie and lookit the depth of that snow. Its three times her height..The poor thing had to sit out of the snowshoe-ing activities for safety reasons, she'd go right thru to the bottom... however, Butterfly's more of a homebody anyway...

Madi on the other hand...looooved the deeper than her snow..

This was Christmas Eve playing board games...After this pillow talk meeting, the  *new* rule was I had to growl like a bear with rabies before I was allowed to roll...By the end, the "Bear" had died..between laughing and growling, I didnt have much of a voice left...but thanks to my Bunny, its all on video and no doubt that the first time I tick her off, it just might be on Facebook....Ill keep you all posted. ;-)

Since Madi had forever off, once we got home, packed up the Christmas...celebrated New Years with Wii Dance Party 3 and a fondue..We headed out skating with my Dad and Uncle. I havent been skating in 20 bla bla bla years...Thank gawd I have a patient family and a husband who doesnt mind me clinging to him as he moozey's around the pond.

Skating. xoxoxo

This was my signature move: the airplane...

This Christmas has been a lot of firsts for me and one of the best Ive had..Its the start of whats to come Im sure of it. Before Christmas, and before New Years and before anything...I went and did another first...It was my cousins birthday in December...and so thinking about him...I went and donated blood for the very first time. It wasnt nearly as tramatic of an experience as I had thought..With my constnat "no" in answering they're lifestyle questions, I also learned I lead a pretty boring life..What kind of lifestyle has you around the bodily fluids of monkeys? (??) Im not judging, just curious! Ive already booked my appointment for the next round. Feb. 10th. Ill be a regular. When I was having Madi, I had 2 bags at the ready...my cousins cancer required him to depend on donations...I should have done this already. 2012...the begining of many "new's"

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