September 1, 2011

Bird Murals & Fugly Benches

My friend and neighbor down the street, Ang, called me yesterday...She called to wish Mad a great first day at her new school..I told her about my Lethbridge curb side ipod production and after her laughing hysterically at me, which made me laugh again, hysertically at myself recounting it in great detail to her....did I mention I love her?  She made a good point...After 5 straight days of  painting rooms, being a wickedly fun but solo mom at the same time, going running at dawn..I must have just been really really tired. Yes. Exactly. Must have been. *grin*..still....Sadly, after 6 days back home...still no Eddie Vedder playlists....still no Doors playlists...still no Serena Ryder. Man, I lost it good...No more tears tho and since I paint my furniture pieces plugged in..Im going to fill this glass back up to its normal half full self, load up the cd player and crank the sterio old school baby..

I did treat myself to some therapudic retail therapy shopping! Normally, for me, this happens at Home Depot or the Habitat re-store but since I now know where elusive Annie Sloan chalk paint is going to be in this city...I headed over. The studio is still under construction and going to be open in September..but, I had cash...

This studio is soon to be Lauren Lane Decor..Calgary stockist for all things Annie Sloan. I painted the mural on the bay door a couple weeks ago..It took a few days only because of the 30 degree paint would be dry before I even got it on the door...and I oddly sunburnt my feet (??) but it was ALL a whole lotta fun!

I went over LATE the first night to project it...As much as I enjoy doing my freehand work...Tara was needing this baby to be 6-7 feet high...that would have been too much erasing on a wobbly ladder for me..The Mister and Mad did tag along tho. Keep'n me company and as Mad said "keep'n me safe." in the industrial zone... We had a wanderer stroll over around midnight, The Mister chatted with him and I wasnt went pretty well..

and the finished Voila!

And today, I finished a very overdue bench for my very wonderful friend Katie. Shes the lucky owner of The Queens bedroom set sidetables and headboard and the 2 dressers that I did a few months ago..

She found a bench for the end of her was hideous...horribly ugly...but that Katie..maaaan.. she has an eye for potential....

Bahahahahaha!!! Okok..ok....this isnt the exact bench she brought over..this also isnt any bench I own...lets make that clear. I "borrowed" this baby from Google since I forgot to take a "before" shot pre-painting....

and here's where I remembered too..
the base was dark ugly brown, flaking off stain...and the cushion had rope edging around it...stunner eh?


Distressed and glazed...

Mmm..and this is the point where I curse myself for forgetting to turn off the super irritating date stamp. My fault.. I needed it on this am for Madi's first day of school....because why yes, I do depend on date stamps to remember milestones in my daughter's life..*smile* For the last few years, The Mister and I have been laid up watching late night TV when one of us looks at the other and says " it our anniversary today?" and we look up at our wedding picture on the wall and guess what? No date stamp..which also means no dinner out and no presents to each other.....

Every year, since preschool, Ive taken a photo of Mad walking down our front sidewalk on the first day of school..*sniff* Today was grade-freakin-5.



  1. I love the dresser in the bedroom photo, very nice! I also picked up my ASCP order from Lauren Lane...after the logo was finished (looks fab!)

  2. the mural is awesome, and your bench is so pretty and sweet! and how cool to make connections via blogs- love that you did tara's mural!


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