September 3, 2011

Gold Dust Women

Remember this: (my dusting habits havent changed very much)

and I turned her into this

and I called her Rosie because she reminded me of Rosie from the Jetsons....

In anycase, I came across the match for Rosie and lemmmie just say..oddly, the second time around, I wasnt as creeped out...

On this one, I wanted to do something completly different from the first table..something "metal-y" or for most people who use the English language properly,  "metallic".

Semi gloss creamy brown..aka "peanut butter" as I called it ..the sheen was weird for me...I never do a gloss or a semi..but, I was going for tot-all-y different and new look with this one, so...semi gloss it was..and Im still on the fence if Im a fan or not..I LOVE the finished look on the table, but painting with it and distressing with it and oiling with it...I dunno yet...

I lined the inside shelf with a metallic wallpaper in grays, browns, golds....

and the inside drawer with more metallic wallpaper in red, gold and browns
In true Christie style, I HAD to have bare natural wood *somewhere*...Its an addiction..its recognized  and Im ok with it...I actually do love the contrast of the metal-y bits with the small but steller wood bits on this piece. I so did pull out the straight gold paint too, for what I call "dirty painting" on the top..

Dirty Painting: technique of a basic slap on of paint haphazardly: in no particular direction: actually many different directionspaying no mind or care to brush stroke lines, uneven surfaces, mounds, piles, drips or even-ness of paint

Red glass Anthro knobs for some color..distressed...oiled...done.

I shall call her "Gold Dust Women" after one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs...


  1. this turned out so cute. i love the finish and the color!

  2. that looks awesome- the color is so warm and fallish! and the knobs are awesome!


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