September 9, 2011

Mwuahaha-ha-ha-ha <---evil maniacal laugh

Alright, a couple things...


My sister and I, my brother-in-law, my husband and daughter and whoever else we can gather will be taking part in Calgary's "Light the Night" walk in support of finding a cure for blood cancers...This year, my family lost one of its very best. My cousin, Marshal Knowles to Hodgkin’s lymphoma..We're going to participate in the walk October 1st here in Calgary, Alberta.. to raise awareness and the money needed to help kick cancers ass and do our cousin proud. In order to help raise cash, I will beg, plead and steal legally because lets face it...more money means more funding to finding a cure. Im also going to donate 25% from each of my sales of Revived Vintage for the month of September..Please help by visiting my Personal Page and consider donating to help me reach my goal...not just financialy, but by seeing a cure fullfilled in my lifetime. My cousin, Marshal, was such a gift to this planet...I dont want to see anyone like him leave way too soon..Please consider helping me.



I am World Famous for my indeciviness...well, unless I know exactly what it is that I want..then Im wham bam done..but takes me a while..usually with many many many different layers to get there.....Drives my family insane in the reality of our life..picking out shampoos' smells, re-arranging furniture..buying regular KD over "Smart" KD...and really, I'm just not sure if I even feel bad about all that or not..*grin*

So, Gold Dust women..a week ago she had a gold crown top...and I loved it...for 2 days. Then, I dunno..I just sorta liked it...the more time I spent with her the more...I dunno...I just didnt love it enough...

So, today, while I was waiting for the paint to dry on the 6 other pieces Im working on at the same time, I had an already full of paint paint brush in Annie Sloan chalk, I just started slathering...and right away I knew...I started evil maniacal laughing right there in my basement because I knew I had just created something awesome.

I distressed the top enough to have some of the gold coming thru...see, I needed the gold, I just didnt realize I wasnt quiet done the piece yet...until today.

I love it. It looks like slate and up against the semi gloss of the paint, the grain of the wood, the metallic of the metal-y bits, and the glass knobs...she's loaded up with the elements....she's also finished...done...for sure...because now I know forsure-forsure that I LOVE her.

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