September 13, 2011

A 2-fer-One: Rambling & a Piece!

Holy Geezuz man...was I ever bummed out yesterday..bummed and sad and moe-p'y with some frustration tossed in because of it all ..these are not emotions Im used to dealing with..not at all my normal which was pointed out to me by a few empathetic friends  (Sidenote: I truly thought I just made up that word..."empathetic"..I thought it was an amazing word that I just created and was going to add my own definition as this sidenote until google popped up and gave me the actual definition....meaning, I clearly didnt just invent "empathetic"...damn) Thank you to my naturopathic doctor and his lovely combinations of vitamins and potions he prescribes to me, most of which are cherry flavored..yum. Im all perfect in the balance department of important internal-harmony I wasnt moe-p'n around due to lack of iron..Who know's..I didnt like it one bit here's hope'n its not a regular appearance feeling. I painted all day yesterday too..all day by myself...and at the end of it...when Madi walked in the door from school..I had accomplished ziltch. I was forcing creative and was epic failing on a grandi-oos mass scale. I re-painted everything 6 times, 8 different colors....finally, I dropped my brushes, made some black licorice Rooibos tea and went and had a bath, where I was thurly entained with listening to The Mister and Madi learn/teach/play crib..the laughing and giggling made me feel much better..I was also happy I wasnt invited to play..putting my bummed out emotions aside for a moment...I will never ever ever understand the game of matter who I play with, no matter how many times I play matter if theres diagrams and pie charts..I just dont get it...but I loved eavesdropping in.

Today, was wicked, thank you Universe! I  finished a mirror, a sidetable, started a couple other pieces and almost finished a client dresser...much much better...
I got these mirrors (there's 2) from a small town about 45 minutes outside our city.. The Mister and I drove out that way for a weekday lunch date...We ended up taking a backroad and passed the town's dump...I was just starting up my passionate ranting about the enviromental damage of a throw away society and how infuriating that makes me when the sign we passed actually said "salvage yard"....Wha?!? The Mister, he doesnt at all "do" flea markets, thrift stores, back alley's, auctions,old barns..where ever I might find my pieces..Sure, he'll help me all day long luggin these already found gems all over the place..but that day, just for me, without a word from me, he turned into the salvage yard!

Stunn-ers! Gawdy details make me weak in the knee's....apparently this doesnt happen to all girls...I hear diamonds, purses and shoes normally have that kinda effect on them..Pfffftttt...

Since I have two of these..I was thinking along the lines of a mullet... One can be crazy and fun and funky and shab..The Party. The other one can be classic and clean and light ..The Business.

Obviously, I did the first one first.

I used Napoleonic Blue Annie Sloan chalk paint...then, copper metal leaf...coral, green, beige, turquoise for the gawdy details...distress....distress...and dark wax smooshed in the grooves to finish it.. Luv it.

I already started the other one...trying to keep it plain and simple and classic is really really REALLY hard for me. We shall see...


  1. great job. love the colors on the mirror. beautiful!

  2. love the varying colors! it has a great folk appeal- very charming!

  3. Okay for sure you were rambling (very entertaining reading) I love the mirror I just might have to get the blue for myself. I have two mirrors just sitting in my garage maybe I'll do a party and business one also. I like the way you think. I'll be seeing you :)


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