August 27, 2011

So, sometimes I cry like a girl.

I just got back from a week home in Lethbridge...I painted some rooms in my mum's house, got some fabulous last-days-of-summer-one on one time hanging out with my Bunny, Madi as well as I snuck in some very overdue visits with some of the most lovely, wonderful, amazing people whom I have missed so very much...I loved this week.....except for The Mister back here working..but yea know..sometimes, its really nice to miss and be missed..and seeing how we havent ever been apart for that long in years..decades even....Im not gonna lie... when I was told just how much I was missed, I kinda liked hearing it ;-p.
So, today....I got up for my morning run..and couldnt find my ipod anywhere...anywhere....nowhere....I was helped by all members of my family to no avail....I was devestated...and shamefully...thats no exageration. I LOVE my goes with me every single place and if my house was on fire, and the people and pets and pictures were safely on the curb, Id beg the firemen to please save my ipod. My run in silence was horrible since I had to listen to myself think...and today, I had a lot of thoughts...which axes the whole reason why I love to run in the first clears my mind..which obviously didnt happen without my ipod..and grocery shopping tomorrow I imagine to be not much better....When we were driving away from my Mum's house..I will shamefully and emarassingly admit, I cried..I cried openly on the street..My mum consoled me with hugs and no husband with hugs, kisses..and I cried all the way to the Tim Hortons drive thru....pathetic, slightly...honest-100%...THEN: Then my Bunny, Madi, said that "she" would take me tomorrow to buy a new one"...I told her that Ill wait for my birthday (*cough* September 21 *cough*) because spending family money on an ipod before then would make me feel bad...Then: she said it would actually be a "family investment" so we dont "as a family" have to be forced to listen to her Dad's crappy music choices...right there..I lost it all at the same time...I couldnt stop laughing and the drive thru lady looked all of a sudden very nervous dealing with a clearly crazy crying lady in a Nitro keeled over laughing hystericaly while still crying and her husband just nonchalantly behaving like this is all normal in his life while asking how her day is going handing her a $20 ....Then....then ..My Bunny, Madi reminded me that last night her Dad and I had gone out....and *I* won the slot machine jackpot on my all time very favorite slot machine game "the Wizard of Oz"..and my Bunny, Madi, grabbed the "Congratulations" water bottle off the floor, that the pay out attendant had gifted to me, for emphasis on her reminder, being that she is sometimes dramatic...and now that I read that while typing this story, I can possibly see where she might have gotten that from...Sidenote: wasnt thousands...and it wasnt millions....This is small town praire Alberta...this was a 5 cent machine..but for my $10..I made $300....the perfect price for an.............ipod.

On the way home we went to Waterton Lakes..I used to love this place. Every year for years, I came here in the middle of dead winter because its remote. The whole village is boarded up..empty..ghost town with snow drifts  as high as the building roofs...there was 1 hotel that stayed had no Tv, no phones, no cell service...It did have a large cozy fireplace, a small pub stocked with crown royal and cokes (hello, my fav) and Baileys/hot choco's at night...books, crib boards, poker chips and decks of cards. It was our runaway from the world place....Unfortunatly, it was also built in 1926...and 3 years ago burned down. I have refused to go at all near Waterton...but the ipod situation this am, made me agreeable...

My last runaway there in 2008.....

the gas station in town:
Man, I LOVED being lost here...

Picture I stole from the internet..another reason for my season of choice being winter...there wasnt anyone else there..unlike this promo shot

Cozy right!

Until today...bla! Crappy moment of weakness...this made me sad all over again...Even the red payphone booth which was how I called home to check in was gone!..Bla!

I madly love my Bunny, Madi for making me feel better tho..Yes, she's 10 years old and half a foot shorter than me..When we were in Lethbridge, I took her to the fair..admission for 10 and under was free...the lady in the booth didnt believe me that she was..Mad didnt help with her "but Mom, I'm really 11" then giggle..Nice.

My Bunny, Madi starts *gag*gasp* Middle school next week.,..also known as Jr, High to us older people that still use terms like "wicked" and "dude"....Ill have a steady stream of finished pieces to show off since Ill be a solo flyer all day once again. THANK YOU for the patience of my clients who have just let this summer be happy and guilt free for me with there furniture stored in my basement...Dudes. Your all just wicked!

also, thank you for letting me whine and ramble.

Edited to add: I painted a couple of pine crates for Monica and her photography business a few months ago. I distressed and oiled for an aged antique look..she just emailed me this shot of made me smile BIG.

I LOVE adorable lil hats.*grin*

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  1. Wonderful 'read' :) Hope you had a wonderful summer :)


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