November 28, 2011

Revived Vintage YAY & over the hill, thru the Woods.

Ive put some miles on the car the last few opposite directions.  Right now, Im in a hotel listening to The Tinkerbell movie play behind me while my Bunny watches, still snuggled in bed with her Dad. Im so grateful for moments like this..Little grasps I get fewer of, my baby girl still being a little girl..I  wasnt ready for it to pass into "Im too old for this mum." Im very much enjoying this Sunday morning.  The last 6 months has been pretty hard for me..with my Grandpamy cousin and a couple other things...Ive been kinda...lonely..exhausted...emotional..stressed, but, now: Im thinking, I can see a light..finally. I'm starting to leave my house, come up from my basement and answer my phone again, because when I get like that..I just need to go away.. to work thru it all by myself. Im just grateful for who's still here when I come back up. Now that things are settling into their new normal.. Ill happily leave it up to The Universe to take it from here so I can get back to my self.


"You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel." ~ Johnny Depp

Now, super exciting stuff! My Revived Vintage is going gangbusters! I am so blessed to be able to do what Im passionate about everysingle day..its what keeps me sane, focused and forever grateful for every-single-thing..Part of the steaming ahead, is The Jasmine Room. Its a beautiful, lovely, little shop in Lethbridge with a eclectic boutique on one side and little tea house on the other...Well, now there's some Revived Vintage in there too. Woot! Woot!  I actually grew up about a block away....I am so excited that my pieces are now going to be available there, at home..I love going recharges and renews me...IN ANYCASE: If your in Lethbridge, get yourself into The Jasmine Room if you havent been already..for some shopping, for some Revived Vintage *wink* and for a lovely cup of tea with some desserts and that order...

At my house, we're all counting sleeps until Christmas, but not for the regular reason....going back to the last 6 months, I needed to reprioritize and slow with my lil family. So, I booked us into this little cabin for the holidays. No T'v's, no phone, internet...nuthin. Just snow, the rocky mountains, tree's, my family of 3, plus 2 dogs..board games, snowshoes, hot chocolate.... Its going to be just....awesome.

Christmas Eve is my very ever favorite day of the year..its the most magical and wonderful and ....just my favorite...I cant wait to spend it HERE.

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  1. Congrats on the store space, what a fab opportunity!!
    Cabin looks amazing, is it Baker Creek by chance? My hubby and I stayed there when we first started dating and keep saying we need to go back. Enjoy what sounds like it will be a very special Christmas with your family!


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