November 20, 2011

First Winter Vent of the Pre 2012 season

Man, I get complainy in winter...because I hate it. Contrary to popular belief, being a Canadian and all..  Sure, I can pick and choose some of my favorite parts but Id essentially be choosing the best of worst because if I could choose to not live thru another winter season ever again, Id be fine.. I normally hibernate..Hibernate and bake endless batches of cookies...Only leaving my blazing furnace house in times of restocking basic nessessities..but today Mad and I wanted to go to an art market downtown and thats exactly what we were going to do. I tried to be Mama Optimist with how fun winter is with scarfs and cute monkey mittens...but once both of the remote starters for my Nitro didnt work, which then barely started and my dog spread frozen garbage all over the backyard (yea, thats kinda my fault) and once we were finally on the way, the main artery of road to get there was shut down due to an accident ..this Mama Optimist turned into "Dammit, lets just get there already and get on with this fun day."  I drove us to the nearest train station, parked and we jumped on a fabulously heated car..avoiding the zero downtown parking fiasco and all the winter pre-season crappy drivers and relaxed for the trip. We saw some really amazing, fabulous Canadian artists. Got inspired, picked up some great Christmas presents...had lovely conversations...and I lovedloved spending the day with my Bunny. Tomorrow I make a covert trek back again. Madi found 2 canvas's she loved..and well..she loved them. Hey, if my Bunny would rather have original pieces of art instead of toys and video games and i-whatever's.. ..well, Ill go back, bring it home,wrap it up and give Santa all the credit. Now, I am trying to redeem some winter-charm this Christmas tho...The holidays, I think, are really the only justified and enjoyable time for snow and I booked my family of 3, plus 2 dogs into a cozy little cabin in the mountains for the internet cell service..and as my friend Wen pointed out, hopefully no lurking in the forest serial killers either
 (;-p)  because in my true indecisive hypocritcal self...there better be snow then because its going to be magnificent.

Anyways, I just finished this sidetable:
Ugly: Yes...Potential: Yes too

After...when its purdier:

I used an invented by me color of chalk paint...a blue-y grey-ish hue. Then old white on the small details and silver metal leaf on the very center gawdy detail design...

Distressed and waxed and done. I love it..Kinda Wedgewood, like my Dad said. I put it in my living room as I do everything, but I already know its coming with me to Lethbridge the next time I go home..


  1. Jeez you and I are living in the wrong place! I've never seen snow before so I'd love to know what it feels like. It's really heating up here in Australia but I just cant handle the heat anymore.
    Your table is lovely and the detail on it is gorgeous :)

  2. Snow IS really beautiful and cozy and lovely and I DO love snowman building and tobaganing and hot chocolate by a roaring fire..its when its optional and fun to go be cold that I like this season...but when I have to go out in this stuff to maintain being a responsible adult aka: its not fun nor optional....I get kinda whine-y about it! LOL! Now Australia! Every single winter, thats the exact place my husband asks me if I want to move too...he LOVES heat that can melt you...Thank you so much for the comment!

  3. Such a lovely transformation! I would like to feature you on my coast to coast creativity series please let me know.

  4. Hi Vicky! Yes please! Thank you so much! For the comment, taking a look at my blog and for the feature! Thank you!

  5. Love the color!! and I am with you on the hating winter part (mostly the driving, and driving deerfoot!!)I too will stay home as much as humanly possible!

  6. Re winter, I so get it. I'm from Montreal and loathe winter with a vengeance. We should run away to live in Palm Springs.

    - Lil

  7. so pretty! i love that color!!
    and i can say the nice thing about winter is that for us go-go-go types, it forces us to take a breath and slow down. :)

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