November 29, 2011

Some favorite little things

Right now, Im working on a custom headboard, a custom vanity, a custom chest, a custom coffeetable and hopefully I can squeeze in a shelf "just because" for me...Ima busy..and I love it....but since I rotate as paint dries, things take a bit anycase, I have no finished pieces to show quiet yet...So, Im gonna ramble for a moment about some of my favorite things...being Christmas and all, Ill share some excellent gifts for special people or for me.

So, every now and then, I get a small package delievered from UPS that contains *something* that *they* want me to try and I use it, try it and then share what I honestly think....Its fun..and altho, I do not love everything thats sent to me (the singing toothbrush that changes color when I should change postions was I have liked or loved other in writting my review to "them"just now, I decided to share on here my favorite things. Some they've sent to me, some Ive discovered all on my own, but either way,  there wont be a cheque on the mail for anything I write down here...these are all 100% MY favorite things...

Black Licorice Rooibos Tea: I have some every single day..and I drive 2 hours to get it when Im out...Somethings are worth it.

Beeswax Votives: I only burn beeswax candles. Beeswax produces negative ions when burned and these attach to postive ions such as dust, pollen, mould, odour and other toxins, and this process cleans the air. The smell is another one of my very favorite things. Its sweet and clean and O man, I just love these!

One of the best Christmas gifts ever! My Mad loves hard boiled eggs...but not hard boiled ya this baby is perfect, makes em perfect and I use it every single day.

Here's the deal. Since I spend 92% of my time covered in paint and sanding remenents..I dont wear much makeup. When I do go out,  *sometimes* I put on mascara, then honestly, Im now bored and ditch the rest of the routine and just go..but this lemon pomegranate lip balm from Bath and Body is my favorite and I swipe it on every 22 minutes and feel so purdy! The nighttime stuff before bed is magical..especially in winter.

I LOVE this stuff....It motivates me to get my jammies on and all ready for bed at 4pm....I also tried the daycream, and there was no love..Pass! This stuff is perfect..except for the $54 price tag..ouch..but, sometimes at girls gotta do what a girls gotta do..not to say I dont cry outloud when my jar's starting to dwindle....

and finally, my favorite paint brush....

Also: Ex-ci-ting! I was approached to teach a weekend painting workshop in January at a Mountain retreat lodge! To do something brand spankin new, share bits of what I know, meet new *awesome obviously* people, spend a weekend in the mountains and bring my family too...
Its going to be really great. 

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