December 1, 2011

This time, its kinda personal..

This afternoon, as I was sitting down for some Tassimo brewed coffee, I looked around my house. I had the stew for dinner in the slower cooker...the corn bread in the bread machine...the oven self cleaning...the washing machine "hand washing" my dishwasher steam sanitizing my dishes and I thought: Man! Am I productive today or what?! Good Day!

I got one of my projects done too! This headboard!

This is actually after I already started to paint it....then, then I tossed it in a corner for a year +.. .Hey, it happens. This headboard actually used to be my Dad's when he was younger. I had high hopes for it on my own bed..but, have I told you how abnormally high my bed is? wasnt to be, but because I knew what I knew...I loved working on this piece all the more..Now, its going to be a headboard for a little girl and her new bed. I tried to keep it timeless...Something that a little girl would love, but also a 10 year old, 13 year old....a 16 year old...Hopefully I did.

This picture is weird.. the border is not as pearl-esq as it looks here...I painted it dark grey, then highlighted with a soft shimmer of silver in random places..

Yea, more like this..

Sucky pictures, was overcast today and my request to take it outside in natural light, while my husband hoisted it up just enough so it wasnt in the snow or on wet grass, still keeping it look natural and beautifully staged, with him not being in any wasnt a well received plan B is pictures from my kitchen and basement. :-)
Im going to try to take better ones on a better day..
Well...Im gonna rush outta here friends....bath, tea and book...thats my plans for tonight. The Mister and Madi went to a hockey game so Im like-alone. At night, which never happens.... Sa-Wh-eet!

Lemmie know yer thoughts!! Tomorrow: A'nuther Reveil! Id like to thank my self timed appliances for my productivity today...they allow me to paint and still feed my family and maintain my home...Id cave and get one of those Roomba vacuum robots, but Im so OCD about my vacuuming...I just cant go there quiet yet...

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  1. I love this! How creative and clever! I'd love it if you'd share this at my Saturday Splendour Party tomorrow at You've done a great job :)

  2. Christie, this is absolutely amazing! You are so talented. I love this!!!!!!!

  3. I would'nt have recognized it!! It's Awesome! Do I want it back?? Hmmmm.... hehe
    Is this "M"s new headboard??? She oughta love it! What a super job you've done here!

  4. Hey there! Stumbled across your blog and thought Id say name is Ophelia, which why your blog sparked my interest. I love what you did with the head board, very creative and certainly timeless :)

  5. Did I mention that the wood on this piece is oak? Awesome wood - very strong . . . .

  6. This is beautiful and clever too, you've got and eye and a vision!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  7. love the headboard, hopping over from Meg and Mums

  8. the headboard turned out beautiful, great job, very unique as usual!


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