December 6, 2011

Mostly, I blame the rabbit

Looks like Im patching 3 walls tomorrow *grumble*  My usually well behaved but over emotionally dependant dog, Piper, was in her usual spot of gazing out the front bay window wrapped up in her Cookie Monster blanket when a freaking rabbit ran past, like they always do, but this one must have stuck her tongue out at her or something,  sending Piper into a fren-zie, getting herself all tangled up in the curtains and pulling the rod, drywall achors and the dust ive neglected shattering down...while Mad and I was watching "The Help" scaring the bageezuz out us.. Sidenote: Why do I watch the movies to the books I love? Why?!? Im just setting myself up for disapointment..Water for Elephants killed me....such a terrible movie....Anyways:
I picked up this little shelf when I went to drop off a table at Jasmine Room. I love shopping down south because thrift shopping is in full abundance...theres a corner in the city that has 4 large (charity..not for favorite kind) stores within a block..Plus, on the way there, I go thru 6 little praire towns that have hidden gems too...Ill be making the trip again before Christmas to take down some more pieces and get a visit in with my mom, mother-in-law and
a turkey before we leave for the cabin, and Im already excited! The shelf will actually be going back home with me...but not at all looking the same.

This one took longer than I expected...covering it all in paper and fabric..but I love how it turned, it was worth it! *grin*

Stripped and restained the top...after I took some chains, a pic and a hammer to it

I loved how she turned out..expanding my horizons..

and now, Thank you Piper for your suttle encouragement for the re-paint-ment (??) of the living room... about 2.5 years before I had originally planned too.


  1. One of the most clever shelf makeovers I have seen!!!! Love it! That green is one hot color these days...visiting from Primitive & Proper.

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  2. that is so fun! i LOVE those little feet- they are the cutest!

  3. very cute, and has a vintage feel to it!

  4. I love it. I have one that needs work but I think that is about to much work for me! Great job.


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