October 1, 2013

A very Fair Trade.

Yesterday I woke up with a cold..but I knew that was coming. My baby girl has one too and when my (almost) 13 year old isn't sick, she is, like I imagine most (almost) 13 year olds to be, not as snuggly with their moms as they used to be....except when they don't feel good...(and maybe when they have their hearts broken, thank you Universe for not having that happen yet) So, when she's sick and couch bound, I am more than happy to trade in my good health for comforting and snuggles and kisses on her forehead while watching endless episodes of whatever she wants on Netflicks.

So In between snuggles and naps, I'm showing off and trying to catch up on pieces I haven't blogged about yet. I'm behind. Very behind in blogging. I've thought about leaving it all together...but when I get comments and messages from people who take the time read my ramblings here..family and friends or people I only know through blogging....passing on encouragement or asking how's it going, coming in the shop and referencing my posts: I leave the idea of leaving behind instead, because I appreciate every single person who takes their time to read my rambles and support me..and I like to ramble: so, lets keep at'er!

Here we go:

I painted this hutch (I snagged from the Dashwood Firemen garage sale (with fireman delivery)--Score!) with one of my very favorite paints: Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in my new very favorite color: 

She had hung in the back of the shop for the last month or so with no one looking at her....Now, she's a showstopper in the front!

I used every topcoat available to me on this piece. White wax, clear wax, dark wax, hemp oil and shellac:

(from Inspirations Roosevelt)

I madly love Milk Paint. Besides being 100% eco...Milk Paint gives a nostalgic, rustic, color tonal look. Even when I don't create the chippy look,  it makes pieces look naturally worn, like I painted it a long time ago..lived with it, used it, loved it, made memories around it, when really....I just finished it on Tuesday...


The back wall of the hutch and the inside of the drawers, I recovered in slightly metallic gold paisley fabric that my Mum gave me in her care package from home..It.Was.Perfect.
Homestead House Paint Company, which makes Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint featured her on there Facebook Page..which is, simply, exciting! It was tough one to take good photo's of, so Im happy that the gist of how awesome she turned out came thru.
and now I shall leave you with a tidbit picture of my next behind blog post and go back to my "Hell on Wheels" Netflicks marathon with this sleeping Bunny in the crook of my arm....because my left hand is now asleep and typing has become impossible.. *grin*

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