October 19, 2013

People's Choice! Say Wha-Wha? & the perfect red too~

and then THIS happened!

Small Business B.C Awards

Beyond excited, humble, grateful and blessed. Didya know that today is my 6 month shop-open anniversary..altho, by the time I publish this post, it will be my 6 month and 3 day shop anniversary. Still: Pretty sweet that only 6 months in, I've already been nominated for something: anything at all, let alone a Small Business of B.C award for Peoples Choice.  When wonderful things happen to people, I think its the Universe's way of telling you that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.. I never forget or take lightly how extremely blessed and grateful I am for every single thing. I live everyday truly and absolutely happy.. So, if you have a few seconds of time, and you feel like I might be a great candidate for your vote of "People's Choice"--please follow the link and vote for me?  Thank you-so much!

Another wonderful small but exciting thing going on for us....my husband was offered a job he couldn't refuse. In town. Right here. Two blocks from the shop. He has been commuting 45 minutes each way into the city down island and altho, coming from a city of 1.5 million people with too many cars and not enough bus routes...45 minutes wasn't bad....at first. A year and a bit later...it became a very long extra 2 hours of his day. I head to the city about once a month for a Costco run and  tell The Mister "I don't know how you do that everyday" so, I'm so excited for him!! That means, not only will we see him more, but  he can now finally live the life that we all moved here for. That Mad and I have already fallen in love with. A small seaside town community loaded with small seaside town charm and truly genuine lovely people.  He's going to love it here! Again, thank you to the Universe for steering that ship!


Now Furniture. I know your waiting for some...How about this one?

This is one of the pieces that came from Alberta this summer! This is her hangin out in my Moms garage in Lethbridge waiting for the road trip west.

Its no secret that my favorite red is Miss Mustard Seed's "tricycle" red milk paint. I can take any shade of blue or green, grey, yellow, or orange and love them all but red, its tricycle. Its just perfect.

Look: What did I tell ya

Upclose: isn't it perfect? Chippy and Red and Rustic

I got my van Gogh Chalk Paint to help out too..This is how us professionals weigh down our wood glue joints..

and wait, Bam! Under her skirts--vintage flower wallpaper.

 I know...I love those floral bits too

I used hemp oil and a little bit of dark wax to dirty her up and add some age. I refinished the top with a coconut oil base stain and hemp oil as the topcoat. -- She sat in the shop window for only a few days before she sold and headed home, to sit under a window that over looks a pond...such a lucky girl. That's where The Universe knew she should be too.

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  1. What a positively amazing time for all of you - very excited to share the island with you, and the Mister's new restaurant! Always love the reveals and glad to see your beauties become someone else's!


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