August 7, 2013

Where's my Paparazzi?!

My feet hurt. Maybe The Mister is right, that possibly my $4 flip flops are not work appropriate....and the $4-factor doesn't have much to do with his point. He's waiting for me to lose a toe..I have job-scars, they don't bother me..I have an oil burn on my arm from the French fry-frier from my first job at McDonalds...a huge slash in my leg from an unfortunate skid steer incident and of course,  my tiger stripes on my tummy from that baby I brought into the world.....Today, my feet hurt, and Im pretty sure they would hurt regardless of $4 shoes..Things are going gang-busters still {YAY! Thank you!}  at the shop, thanks HUGE to the St. Marks Fair and thanks HUGE to this:


I think it's a great fun article, altho my 12 year old daughter was ticked that her existence wasn't mentioned...even tho, I *swear* I did...LOL! Its been so great! Everyone that has come in the shop the past 2 days have all mentioned the article! I could hear "I'm so happy/glad/excited/grateful your here!" all day long....and I have been! Thank you to every single person who's told me that..the feeling is absolutely mutual! Thank you!  I joke with my husband that grocery shopping will take longer now as I might have to wait for the paparazzi to clear the door...Sidenote: TMZ was no where to be found yesterday after groceries...They're coming tho.

Ironing boards! Who needs em!? Not me! I remember my Grandma C ironing everything in front of the tv, (Days of our Lives!)  in the kitchen, wherever we all were. Those conversations we had while she was doing that were stuffed with stories and laughter...Then she would hang them perfectly afterwards for her and my Grandfather to wear whenever they were ready too *Sigh* I envy her amazing homemaker skills..It truly is a skill and talent to have it all together like she did, taking such loving and wonderful care of everyone and everything so easily!  Sometimes, Ill pass on wearing 8 things because I don't even want to use my dryer "wrinkle release" setting, so I pick up my rolled in a ball jeans off the floor, grab my stand-by  (actually, my husbands) "The Doors" or  (my) "Pearl Jam" t-shirt and skip breakfast because I slept in while yelling at my kid to do 3 day old dishes that are dried and crusty on the counter... I know my Grandma would think that was just fine and totally absolutely pefect....because she is amazing at ALL things like that.

Anyway, When I scored this piece of a vintage gem..I knew it had to be repurposed!

Where's my "before?" Honestly, since I opened the shop, I always forget to take them or I lose them entirely...Yeeshus..."Picture it:" a beat up old, burned up light pine ironing board..

and now?

A sofa Table.

I painted the legs in van Gogh Chalk Paint "van Gogh" which is the perfect shade of teal
Re-stained the top dark Mahogany---just because its my favorite and....

Silk screened these pretty intricate designs randomly on the top in van Gogh's Chalk Paint "Cashmere" to make it look less iron-board-y

I adore it! Perfect in front of a window, the bedroom, kitchen or behind a sofa. All the places my Grandmother used to iron....never in a laundry room and hopefully there will be just as many wonderful stories and laughter ringing in this boards ears..

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  1. creatively a superstar and a funny lady too. Gotta love ya!


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