July 28, 2013

Paper Mache Nutcrackers, Magnum PI and Informercials-In Short - A Hode Podge

I am embarrassingly behind on my blog..but I'm beyond grateful at the support my lil shop, and me, has received from my community...Things have been wonderfully busy. I sold right out of my furniture a few weeks ago--left with an empty shop... my workshops are full, and I have a waiting list for custom work ..Its all amazing and I am literally, living my dream...which is something I used to say sarcastically as I was picking up dog poo in the yard, or painting a fence with oil on a sweltering hot day..but now, its like--real.. Yesterday I took part in the St. Marks Fair here in Qualicum Beach, which brings venders and shoppers from all over Vancouver Island. There are approx. 200 booths of artisans, bakers, antiques, flea market finds, books, fresh local produce, food trucks...ect..ect..ect. .My lil town SWELLS to the brim and all of a sudden, there's traffic jams. At one point, the Mister and I watched a women carrying around a 3.5' paper mache elaborately painted Nutcracker solder and a lamp..while another women passed us carrying a 4' metal anchor and a pie, followed up with a man hauling a new fishing rod and vintage accordion and we thought, "this is the epitome of an awesome place to be today"

This is the only picture I was able to snap (in the wee am hours..) before the gates opened...Then things got busy--really busy and all of a sudden, the day was over. I think being parked 3 stalls down from the mini donut truck helped us slightly...our daughter and her friends said they "smelled us out" to find us..Afterwards, The Mister and I packed up what was left, literally dumped it in the front door of the shop, and headed to a patio for a beer and piece of "Nirvana" pie...Both well deserved from the exhaustion and elation from the day. A LOAD of work...but as usual, loads of work involving blood-sweat and tears end up being worth it.
Since I'm blogging, and Im so behind in reveals, so lets show off 2 of those shall we?
Here's one of my pieces that sits in the shop window...it was standard "Magnum P.I" dark dark solid wood and gloriously gawdy detail...it was also gloriously dated...oddly, unlike Tom Sellick's moustache..
This piece was really just in need of some lipstick and mascara...a high quality piece, solid wood, no repair needed....they don't come to me like this very often..

A stunner of a coral color (Cameo Boutique's custom color - "Sundown Dream) with soft white "chalk" on top, both are van Gogh's Chalk Paint---I used a wax resist to make sure the coral pops thru where I want it to, did some shadowing in the corners and crevices of the lovely details and bambambam---new *pretty* glass hardware and she's the show stopper in the shop window.
 I also have a real stud muffin to share...
I cant find the "before" of this piece..but close your eyes and picture: the same dark wood, plain-ol-boring plant stand that everyone's mom or Grandma had...I know this as fact, quote me, because it's  what everyone tells me when they come in and see it. "Heyyy....My (Mom/Grandma) had one just like this when I was growing up" You get the idea...dark wood, plain and boring...
ReVived! Painted it clearly, in van Gogh Chalk Paint "Patina" which is a magic color. I see it as a grey-blue, some swear its just a warm grey and sometimes, when the light hits it in that just-so sorta way, its green...I love it because its a neutral color that goes with everything, but not your basic white/beige/black...so, a perfect non commitment color but pop of color-color..
 She did need some cute feet, since most plants are going to just cover up her top swoony curves.
Feet color : Cashmere (an antique cream), Serenity (Think "Wendy's" Frosty) and "Chalk"

I also added some "studs" to this vixen because....I wanted too. I don't think too deeply about the reasoning with my pieces all the time..I just do what I want when I like, because I think we all need an outlet to do exactly that...legally and without harm please.
My floor doesn't slant to the right. My right arm slants to the right.

 My spider plant was half dead the morning I took her from my house to stage this photo shoot. I guess she loves it too..Poppin out babies already...If this was an infomercial, imagine what that tag line blaring at 2am would be....
Now, I'm off to reload the shop with supplies as well what I need for my *sold out*  Milk Paint workshop tomorrow from, MY favorite place, the Hardware Store. It requires a  trip on a road with the ocean out my window the entire way, so its going to be a great day off!

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  1. Simply outstanding. Congratulations on all your wonderful success. You've earned it!


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