May 20, 2013

and on the 7th day...

Sundays I take off. Sunday's are for family, friends, me and laundry. So, today I finally can take a moment enjoying my morning coffee outside in my garden,  while still in my jammies and listen to the birds sing and sealions "harp" (is that what sealions do?) and write a long over due post before the family wakes. It smells so absolutely lovely out here...the fresh, clean air, the cedar of the gigantic trees next to me..the already warm breeze. Its going to be a beautiful day. Someone must have a burn pile going, because there's the faint smell of campfire... I guess I can put away my flannel jammies that I'm sitting here sweatin in..
My front yard
Where you can find me Monday to Saturday
 A labour of love.
I'm blissfully exhausted..I work 7 days a week, 15 hour days and couldn't feel more grateful! I walked into our shop the other day and just sat down...I thought "how the hell did I get here?" I felt like I just woke  up and all of it was suddenly around me..After a long time and more hard work than I could ever have imagined: I do, every single day...what I'm madly passionate about: supported wholeheartedly by people I love the most, have a family unit that's closer than ever, and live in the small seaside town of my dreams with such a strong community spirit...How did I get here? Not a day has past me, that I don't feel gratitude for the life I have.
One of my front windows

Advertising Poster and business card
How it looked the day we got the keys:
I know right? Wha the......
The ceiling was the bane of our existence..we knew it would be a HUGE time consuming, helluva horrible job to get it white and clean and fresh. So, we bit the bullet and..........jetsetted off to Vegas for a week to figure out what we needed and when we got home: we hired Dan the painter. 4 hours and 8 gallons of paint later:

 After that, we got everyone workin...
The door to the back was *thumbs down* boring...

and after I painted it, I sent a text to The Mister and a friend and asked if *I* was the only one who see's my vision with this paint job...thank gawd, they saw my barn door vision.

This is the chalk board where Madi leaves me a new quote everytime she comes in after school! XoxXo

                           Ice cream break at The Beach Hut down the street when we need it!

My van Gogh Chalk Paint display of colors
Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Display
Put together and open....My big table where the workshops happen and behind me in this pic, is my studio where I paint all day long..*.pictures eventually*

My front window display of suitcases into tables
The COOLEST sign I found holding up the wall of my woodshed at home...It needed a cooler place to hang out than a woodshed.
 I've been so busy with setting up the shop,  meeting new clients and customers, doing custom refinishing, putting together workshops, that's I've just recently been able to start painting again...I've sold quiet a few pieces off the showroom floor, so depending on the day, depends on what's available and how stuffed that part of the shop is..I'm very grateful  The Mister arranged the set up of the shop to include a studio for me to work in. Its been wonderful being out of the garage (and out of the basement) and painting in "real" light! I also love that people pop in just to see the progress on what I'm working on. My process sometimes is: paint it 8 different colors until the 9th is perfect, so its fun to have people see that too.
I'm behind on so many "afters, but now that I'm "open" eventually..all will be revealed!
THANK YOU to every single person in my life. The support I've received has been overwhelming. From family and friends back home, to new friends here, to even people in town whom I just met...I was blessed with so many gifts and flowers and support and kind words and well wishes and just truly endless support. Thank you.....sincerely.

For information about upcoming workshops, custom refinishing services, my portfolio of pieces and up-to-date news and events, please visit my website at

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  1. This post made me gloriously happy for you! Living the dream lady....


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