March 8, 2013

ReVived Vintage: April 2013



Well, I suppse if your reading this, I suppose it's because Ive gone ahead and done it.....followed my heart and my dream and went all.the.way. Went all the way to signing a lease, gathering some furniture, some paint, found some venders and am opening my own shop and studio here in my small town of Qualicum Beach, British Columbia on Vancouver Island...Holy Crap...I must have done it.

Ive had thoughts of doing this..random wanderings of thoughts for years..wondering if I would--if I could and it just never felt right. I knew I didnt want to stay in Calgary long enough to commmit to opening a shop there, so I happily and successfully painted in my basement and every single place we went---either on vacation or a weekend roadtrip, I always had my nose pressed up against empty dirty shop windows, thinking about possibilies, but we wernt moving to Nanton, Lethbridge or, I was content with being exactly where I was, very successful from my house basement. People saught me out in Calgary and found me easily enough right down there..  When we decided to move out here, the shop-thought was placed at that same place of all the other uncertainities, unknowns, hopes and wishful thinkings that this entire move created...and the idea of my own shop just floated softly to the bottom of my  brain...until.


Im not a religious person. In referring to a "bible-religion" anyways. I believe in the strength, energy and positive force of People and the Universe, so when I keep finding myself at similiar or connected cross roads over and over again....I know its the direction Im supposed to go.  There are no coinsidences after all...and thats how this came to be: My shop and studio...Ive been asked--many times, not only in Alberta but also here in BC- to not only represent brands, but also teach people how I do what I do...and I've resisted...I flat out turned people down (nicely of course *grin*)..and Ive hesitantly walked away...but: now; it feels like *my* perfect time.

 The postives of living in a one light, seaside town that seems straight out of the 1950's FAR outweigh any missed McDonalds burger or Saturday afternoons at Ikea...and so, my shop...will be perfect and charming here....exactly whats always been in my will be supported, not only by my community, but my surrounding neighbors too.  It will  be wonderful.....and yes: helluva scary thing, overwhelming: loaded with self doubt..but I already felt those things moving here..and
 *hand wave*
 I lived.
The fear of regret is what gets me moving forward now...

So. Stay tuned for the progress and the growth of my studio shop here and on Facebook..Ive have lots to do and a lot to learn..and for the support Ive already recieved from the small few I let in on my little secret: Im over flowing with gratitude.

ReVived Vintage: Opening April 2013
Shop ~ Studio ~ Supplies ~ Workshops
(yes-chalk paint-yes-milk paint-yes other lovely things)
(all KINDS of DIY workshops!)

Spread the word please, ReVived Vintage is coming!  
I'm Ready.


  1. OMGoodness! Congrats! You're doing it! I am jealous and excited for you at the same time. All the very best...I will pop in when next along the Island

  2. Good for you Christie. It's wonderful that you're stepping out of your safe, comfort zone and that you're stretching up reaching toward the stars. Should we drive your way, I'll be sure to stop in, say hello and do a little fun shopping, too!

  3. Congratulations - this is such wonderful news!

  4. How exciting! Congratulations Christie!!

  5. It's going to be AWESOME! Just like it's Owner!


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