March 2, 2013

My Turn.....until I haul something else home.

Ive wanted a water fall hutch of my very own for-eva! FOR-EVER!
A few years ago, I painted one for my sister:

Then I painted one for a client:
and I always wanted one of my own...but we never had the room in our old house. So, when we moved here; and doubled our house size...we did.
It sat like this for a few weeks or months or...ummmm...maybe longer - but then my husband pointed out--again, and again and again and again that we have no "painted finished" pieces anywhere in our house.....they're all just like this: waiting.. He poked the point a bit more by doing something he's never ever done before ever....he started suggesting colors and designs.
Well, dammit: I knew I better get at 'er
I decided not to paint it, which surprised me more than anyone...I had lovely visions of a glorious yellow or navy or oraange....but, I had planned to keep this beauty...until I haul something else home I want more...and with my kitchen and dining room walls freshly painted teal, I needed something to warm up the dark walnut stain started the creative process which all ended like this:
I love how it stained in a worn sorta *I* actually stained it 40 years ago and its just worn in all the perfect spots! For the sides and the back, I painted some faux copper design..its not BAM in your face..but a suttle shimma amoung the stained dark wood.
The inside: to have it tie perfectly in with my teal kitchen..
and why not suttle stripes too?
and I LOVE the hardware!

Im actually really grateful the Mister nagged me a bit to get this done...Thats one room, out of a whole rest of the house that doesnt have any ratty pieces of furniture just hanging out.....and its the PERFECT place for me to show off store my adored vintage pyrex collection..

P.S: I was hoping to have some AMAZING-FANTASTIC-EXCITING-NAIL BITING news to share in this post...but the Universe is steering me in another last minute direction..testing my will and determination...Hopefully, this week, Ill have another post. *wink* Stay tuned. 



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