January 3, 2013


Sometimes. Im ridiculous...but not in a bad way..Im pretty sure anyways...Today as usual, I had a list of to-do's....to-do's of stuff I wanted to do, obviously before tomorrow...then, as I was just putting paint to the wall in the basement bathroom, The Mister called...on the phone, which to anyone that knows Craig knows that he never ever calls, or texts or answers or emails, or anything that essentially involves communication other than old fashioned face to face .I didnt even recognize his cell number on caller I.d...thats kinda funny actually. In anycase, he wanted to let me know the power would probably go out today, since he just saw a tree fall on the main power line to our town...sparks flew, flames shot out, apparently.. it was pretty cool..however, 30 seconds after I hung up, I was powered out with no heat...and suddenly, my list was compromised. Since I couldnt do anything else..laundry, vacuuming, painting the basement bathroom or any furniture, I was stuck.. I had "painting" on my list...so, I did what ridiculous ocd people with lists do...I started painting a random totally unplanned wall and hallway combo upstairs by the light of the windows....By the time the power came back on, I was on my second coat and I could finally see what color is was...and I liked it!

I was drving home weeks ago and fish-taled it down a street when I caught sight of a "garage sale" sign in my peripheral. It was an old sea captain and his wife..actually, I dont know that for sure. Around here, I seem to assume that any man with a full white beard, wearing a brimless hat, knee high rubber boots and smokin a pipe is a sea captain fisherman....to be fair, in my defence, I did the same thing with cowboys in Calgary..In anycase, there, at his home in the backwoods by the sea, I found THESE gems.

I loooved every single thing about them. I flung myself accross both..Finding 2 matching solid wood, dove tailed, in excellent condition bedside tables is hitting jackpot..paying $6 each cashes in the rest of my Lady Luck for the next 6 months.. so long as we stick to the cross walks in town, drive undistracted and dont light any candles in the house, its well spent I think..I also loved how the Captain and his son's girlfriends brothers friend from high school-graduating class of 1996-carried them to my car for me...Small town perk!
Then all of a sudden, here they were!


Lion head pulls!?! I know...they make me swoon everytime too! 


The color is stunning! Its called "confidence"..appropriate eh?  These stunners are for sale ($195 for the set) in Duncan BC at Cameo Boutique!
Sidenote: Have I gone too far? My family thinks Im nuts and they're missing grated cheese...

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  1. Feel your excitment and spirit through your words. Love to see your talent at work


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