January 30, 2013

ReVived Inspiration

I LOVED this dresser when I first laid my eyes on it..I saw stalkers circling me  as I opened the drawers and checked out the corners of the structure..I knew the moment I walked away it would be gone forever..so, I ripped the tag off of 'er and ran myself to the till. She was just so.....so....rustic. I adore that. She was also homemade by someone who knew how to build great things... She is  s.o.l.i.d. Built by the hands of someone who cleary wasnt concerned with ever  moving it up and down and stairs..

*insert right now-lost, but hopefully soon found "Before" photo here*


If you've been a reader of my blog for a while now, you- Im sure know the irony--.--I love to paint but I love bare wood! Purrrr...I love all its marbled grainy goodness. For this dresser----I chose a soft grey-bluey-green color  (VanGogh "Patina" if you must know..) and I chose it to balance off the dark wood of the drawers I knew wernt going anywhere! It was perfect..I mean-perfect! The wain-type-scotting that covered  the entire frame of the piece---*sigh*--it just brought it all perfectly together..It just gave it some classic and clean "ummpf"

I never sit down and  "plan" a piece--never ever. It just unfolds all by itself--sometime going thru 21 different colors of paint and 2 months tucked back in storage to get there--but eventually--we get there. This dresser turned very easily...It turned into *this* on the first go-round. Man, I LOVE it when it happens smooth like that---altho, I also LOVE it when my limits are pushed and  Im forced to really fight for a piece to be "ReVived" Vintage. Some of my best work comes from that struggle...

I added some vintage hooks to each side because the other day I realized, (as I was fighting for my my housecoat from underneth my sleeping dog on the floor)  "Gawd! Hooks on a dresser would be brilliant!" A place to hang a scarf, sweater, jammies, towel or whatever you damn well want too! Sometimes, its so simple to solves the problems of the world..
Then I added the hardware....all mismatched to match perfectly. A mixture of vintage and Anthropology..

and the inside drawers you ask? Well.....vintage paper..

She's just so perfectly mismatched Farm House-Chic. Im quiet inspired by this new lifestyle of  easygoing, green-oriented, freespirit, slower paced living--- Good things are starting to happen.


  1. I love the wood on the drawer fronts and the hooks are GENIUS! Nice job lady :)

  2. i cant wait to see what you come up with next, you definately inspire me!


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