December 18, 2012

Front Hall Fiasco.

No, I never write about my house decor...because house decor really isnt my thing. I dont enjoy it much, which might surprise the people that think "she loves to paint furniture, so she must also love to stage rooms and create homemade wall art"..Not fact, putting rooms together stresses me out. The commitment you create with choosing things that make the space nice and cozy and welcoming and and and..and thats only what you can control, factor in light conditions, color mood tones, and room size in contrast to furniture placment and Im a hot mess. I blame HGTV...I blame Cityline and I even blame Pinterst. Mostly, I just do what functions (the easiest so everyone actually does it) and what The Mister and I can agree on...and mainly what we I like and to hell with the rest of in point:

 I dont know what we were thinking buying a house without a front door closet....I clearly remember looking at other houses and saying to everyone, a couple times over, that its crossed off the list indefinitly, its of no consideration whatsoever because theres no front door closet...yet, here I living in a house without one. Do people on an island normally not have a need for a closet at the front door? Are we  just immigrants who foolishly brought with us way too many shoes?? We're transitioning...with ALL things, and thur far, we still wear jackets, and shoes and we needed a place to put them.

Now, there was a nook where a closet used to be...and the simple fix would be to put one back again, but there's a window in the closet nook, and in the name of natural light, I wasnt going to waste a drop by covering it with doors....So, we, I had to get creative...and I wanted to get this creative going on the ubber-flippin cheap....I have a budget to whip this entire house into shape and the idea of spending it on a closet wasent something that blew my skirts up ya know.

Before pictures? Of couse not. I just jumped right in..but just imagine if you empty wall nook behind a front door...painted in a dark dirty yellow

I had this old set of full length shutters from when we lived in Calgary..I used to hang my jewlery on it but since we moved, they were just sitting in the greenhouse..So, I waited very impatiently for The Mister and a day off and asked him to saw these babies in half....he thought I was nuts-so.  Thats nothing he cut them anyway..I found some vintage-style hooks at a market down the road and this is what I came up with,,,

See: A window ..right in there..

The Mister and me (and Madi, who is sooooo much like her father) compromised here...because I dont enjoy things matching really...and *I* wanted to hang them green-white-green-you get the idea, but for my 2 who like matching-type-things...this is how they decided to hang them..and I like it too.
Im getting a headboard bench made from a super talented local husband of a friend that I know...made perfectly for that spot right there...something vintage repurposed (yay! my favorite thing) into something perfect for the space and functional (yay! The other 2 peoples favorite thing)... and I cant wait for it so this spot can be done.... I actually didnt tell you, Ive painted this nook 6 times already and tried 4 other "ideas" to hang coats and store shoes and crap here, all fails...This one tho...this one is showing potential to stay.


  1. Okay, I might forgive you for showing me a bubble gum machine that was not for sale just because you're so freaking talented and I may want you to do some work for me soon.

  2. That looks great! I love cast iron hooks, especially your pretty ones.

  3. sheer GENIUS! I love this!

  4. This is a great idea. Absolutely beautiful, yet purposeful. It's a work of functional art on the wall. Love it!


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