November 30, 2012

Birds + the Machine.

Ive got 1/4 of a battery bar left on my lap top...grr...dammit. Figures. Im exhausted and just want to lay here in bed, in the dark, in my jammies and write...but NO, I, I gotta chop-chop and get this done before that battery turns red and starts to flash..So, no pressure to type as fast as I think WITH proper spelling and grammer *groan* Back in the good old days of telephones with cords  and cassette players....this sort of stress, panic and fear would NEVER happen...

Moving on

I teased last post about a dresser I did and altho, I have a small hoard (h-o-a-r-d) of finished pieces to show, Ill be chop-chop quick and follow thru with that teaser.

My client wanted the dresser to go-with, but not match the ladder shelves I also did for her..So, off I ran with my imagination. Robin's couch has a large floral pattern to it..I decided to use some of the colors in it and go with a floral-nature-outdoor-sy theme, just minus flowers...
Birds. Birds and tree's are in the same family as flowers no? In anycase, I sanded it, primed it, painted it grey and then hauled it into my living room with perfect views of my tv and got comphy to start hand painting...I watched a whole lotta this lady....I love her.. Hey, we all have vices and weakness's. For me, its my weird love of Judy Judy..

sometimes, in certain situations, I stop and ask myself.."what would Judge Judy do?"

In anycase, I made it perfectly clear to Robin, that JJ had no influence on her new dresser design.
I wanted to add the burgundy-brown color that I had done as the under color on the ladder shelves...but on the design, it was just too, I painted the vintage hardware I found at a flea market and called it absolutly perfect!!

 My throat hurts and I have barely a voice. I went on a solo road trip today to deliver some furniture ..solo meaning alone...meaning I could listen to my own playlist the whole 2 hours there and 2 hours home and 2 hours of errands was glorious. The 5+ hours of lipsyncing karaokee really did a number on my vocal cords tho...and this song was the biggest culprit.

YAY! I made it before the flashing red at least. 
Edited to add: In my rush to beat the battery, and the clock did say 2:15am all said and done... I totally missed the golden opportunity Ive been waiting for to brag about Lisa and Krysta from Cameo Boutique!..THATS the place I went yesterday, to drop off some more ReVived Vintage pieces for their shop AND for some inspirations AND for some good ol fashioned chatt'in and laugh'in. I always look forward to going there...Is it too soon for me to say I love them? Well, I dont care..they are genuine-awesome ladies, and Im so grateful they welcome me and ReVived Vintage into their space with open arms!! They also totally understand, in my excitment of things, I sometimes swear like a sailer and tell inappropriate dirty jokes, but guess what!  They're totally ok with that too!!!... Please be sure to check them out!!
Heres the important links your gonna need!
and of course on Facebook!
 Also, I wanted to share..aka: show off, my own brand new website...It took me forever..and ever and ever and ever and EVER, but I finally made one...all by my big girl self. Seriously, making your own website: lengthy process..also frustrating at times....My advice is, Have wine...the confusing parts seemed to make more sense after a glass..
Please take a looksy there too and let me know what you think! I think too pink, but Ill figure that minor detail out later.. *smile*....


  1. loving the blog christie! and i also love that you arent afraid of handpainting, i too handpaint..rarely stencil or tape a thing! i just trust my brush, and my wrist:)

  2. very cute. I love how you wrapped it around the cabinet.

  3. oooh i love it! love the off center design!


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