January 18, 2012

Eleven and Minus 45

2 things. Yesterday was my baby's 11th birthday! January 17th is when I learned the amazing true power of love & all the wonderful that comes with it..Its my favorite day. Afterall, I became a Mommy that day too....what a beautiful gift she truly is..I am so deeply grateful that her lil spirit chose me  to be her Mom..Bunny! Who loves you more than I do?! ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Birthday Beauty.


 My baby

Then, last night, I was transported to the Artic circle and woke up in minus 45 degreee weather...this is insane.Im looking out my window for penguins...Ahhh..last year, for Madi's big 10 we were sailing the high sea's of the caribbean getting scortched with sun, 24 hour ice cream machines and too much rum...*sigh*

Drink of the Day!!! Rum and a bunch of other stuff and rum!


Instead, today is jammies, baking cookies and watching movies...Hey! Actually, thats not a bad day either. I called Madi absent into school as "too damn cold" so we're all together keeping warm..sometimes being frozen-in, snowed-in can be a good thing. Still..I know we're all pouting a little bit inside remembering where we ate birthday cake a year ago..*grin*

So, this lil table I picked up was pretty basic...1960's-ish and this was before my Mad Men addiction . I did hate the legs...I tore them off before I put it in storage..I didnt know what I was going to do, but I did know the legs were not going to be part of it.

I have this "thing" where sometimes...with painting one piece, Ill grab another piece and paint it the same color...because A) I already have the brush covered in that shade B) I already have the can out, open and mixed and C) I have no plan for that second piece, so maybe this might be brilliant..or maybe it wont, but it gives me something to do instead of watching  paint dry...
So, in doing my "thing:,  I was consciously painting the vanity chair here, then I grabbed the table and having no idea where I was going with it. I ended up here:

I love it when a plan comes together when there wasnt even a plan in the first place...*Bahahahaha!!*
She is adorably chic and lookit those legs?! Now: I will go and be grateful..not just for my Bunny and my family, but in this weather, I also MUST be grateful for my lil house with a furnace..


  1. I so love that table!! Although it's not -45 here in MN, it's only about 8...so we are cold here too!

  2. that is awesome! what a great take on the ombre- so cool!
    and my daughter's bday was yesterday, too!

  3. OMG! Love that table. I need that. It totally matches my family room.... Jealous ;P

  4. At first I thought the panels were mirrored! Now I realize they were painted in shades of blue. Do you have all of your collection in your home or do you sell it?


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