January 11, 2012

Good Morning Mr. Draper.

Mad Men. Im addicted.
I was sick last week and laid up on the couch, and our cable box had gone all poltergeist static on us, a day in jammies watching Netflix turned me on to my new obsession. Don Drapper.

I love him...and man, I hate him..Im so confused...


If I had photoshop capibilies, I would totally image crop my head on Betty Drapers body in this pic.....Is that going too far?...

I also have a mad crush on Joan...because she's bringing sexy so back..When I grow up, I want to look just like her.

Every night, we, and by "we" I mean me and the Mister who doesnt really have a choice, watch 3-4 episodes since I have 60-ish episodes to catch up on..so, Im up till 1-2am...and I recognize that part might be ridiculous....then, The Mister came home sick from work today, so I quit painting and made him watch 3 more with me....That was ok tho, Im sure he feels the same about Joan as I do and Im sure she helped him feel a bit better. If I could take a few things from 1960 and mesh them into a few things from 2012..I think this world could almost be perfect...*sigh*. However, how any of those men get anything done at work on that show is a mystery to me....the amount of Jack Daniels they drink between 9-5, well honestly,  that part left me kinda envious..*smile*

*Re-Focus-Focus* So,  I scored this beauty of a vanity chair a few weeks ago.

Isnt she stunning? Those arms, that back and the curves..*swoon*.. Is that going too far?

She's still stunning...now updated and pretty, like she deserves to be. I shall call her Joan...

and now, Im ditching you and going back to my Don Draper
I mean, Mad Men.

P.S..It's Blogger's fault...the layout and gaps and weird things going on has nothing to do with me..Ive done all I could and it is what it is...Still tho right...damn Blogger.


  1. YOWZA! Gorgeous! I;ve never gotten into Mad Men...but maybe I should!

  2. ooh christie, so so cool! i love what you have done!!!

  3. Christie, this chair is SO cool. That styling is so great, and the fabrics you chose really update it while still suggesting the era it is from. My hubs would love to learn to do what you do, as would I! For now I will just appreciate from afar! Thank you for sharing your treasures with us at Sugar and Spice today :). The world needs to see your amazing ideas :)

  4. Going to feature this at Drab to Fab tomorrow. I'd love for you to link up another one of your restorations/transformations. Your work is so cool.
    Hope to see ya tomorrow!
    Amy @ Sugar and Spice


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