January 25, 2012

Green...perhaps with envy?

So, before Christmas, my dog, Miss Piper tried to catch a rabbit thru the front living room window and yanked the curtains...and rods...the drywall anchors....and hunks of drywall all down ontop of her..Mad and I were watching Tv and altho it scared the ba-geezuz out of both of us..we had a good laugh about it. *Meh* life happens, no big deal. However, it did mean my living room needed a new paint job and I went white...I know! Wha?! White?! Well, a warm, lightlightlight gray-ish white, but for me, white is white is white and not a color I usually, never ever ever go with. Everyone that came over either said "White? Christie? Really?" or "I never thought YOUR living room would be white"...and I agree...but for a few reasons, its the direction I headed.
Now, because I prefer color..loud and proud and bold, I needed to add color other ways. A few weeks ago, I hauled home this mirror:

Blaaaa...I mean, I like Pier One stuff, but not this mirror.

Once my walls were white-ish and bare, I went shopping in my basement. A good thing about being a furniture hoarder, is I can do that *smile*

I chose green. Because I love it..no other mindblowing reason. I knew the colors the shapes already were would probably come thru in the distressing so I matched up the color and painted it into the groovies too I didnt want chaos'. In true Christie style tho, I did paint the sunburst groovies a different color..you know I love perfectly mismatched matched things... I distressed, oiled, waxed and added copper leaf around the mirror.....viola! 

I never realized how much it takes getting used to a mirror where one wasnt before...I scare myself everytime I walk by...


  1. that is so bright and happy! it looks great over the couch!

  2. I like it. The "hue" of your new wall colour works! And the mirror frame is awesome! Good job! :) <3 Dad

  3. Nice job, I am learning to be zen with green :) The mirror looks so cozy over the sofa. I put up a mirror in my stairway and have had heart-stopping moments since. One night I convinced myself in the dark that I was seeing a ghost!!! LOL

  4. You are funny :) You made this Pier one thing look straight out of Granada, Spain. Beautiful.


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