September 20, 2011

My last 3-2 day.

Todays my last day to be a little bit less irresponsible..a little bit less "should have known better"...because tomorrow Ill be older and wiser.. Tomorrow is my birthday and the expectations on myself after that will be a little bit higher. 33...I like the sound of sounds like a fun year. I did think I was turning 32 until my friend K told me she was turning 33 and I was kinda making fun of her until I thought "Wha-it...that actually sounds kinda more familiar" which later was confirmed from Madi that I actually was already 32...Karma. As for plans. I have zero. I dont make them for my birthday..I shamelessly place expectations on my family to handle that part...this year tho, I thought would be ubber-ridiculous forever favorite band Pearl Jam plays Calgary tomorrow night, ON my birthday...The Mister, however, wanted to take me to Vegas instead. I said "no thank you" even tho Ive seen PJ 4x...The Mister thought I was flipp'in crazy but "its your birthday" However, sadly, Ive been told the ticket purchase for the concert was an epic*trying not to freak out with disapointment here*.....Vegas woulda been fun.

I brought home this table just a few days ago..the fact Im finshed it already is bizarre but equally awesome

 The Before: Not horrible...but stencil-y designs are not at all my thing...altho I do appreciate their existance. If they were my thing, well then, this table would have been the best find ever just as is! But for needed paint.


Light teal all-over..aka: Seafoam green..highlighted with chocolate brown, cream and darker teal
aka: darker seafoam green

For some reason, I have no idea why, but a compass *needed* be be painted on top...Definitly *needed*..I didnt consider anything else actually.. ..It was like someone beside me chomping  gum to the repitious beat of "compass" "compass"..K, it wasnt actually THAT ridiculous.... I hadnt handpainted anything on a piece of furniture sitting in front of the TV in a while, so it was pretty back to basic sweet for me and Ive already done birds, tree branches, foliage, feathers, letters, numbers and flowers.....The end.

and of course I didnt have north pointing straight up on the table ..uhhhhh....that definitly  isnt my thing..even more so than stencils. Odd things are my favorite things.

I take crappy pictures. Its a talent I absolutly dont have. I'm horrible and rely on pure luck to get a good-enough shot to show my, my house has no natural light...its kinda, I always take my pictures outside..However, its going to get freak'n freezing and snow-y and crappy soon so I better at least try to take good-enough-for-now-till-Spring  pictures....

Here it is: Above: a corner of my living room with my compass table.


  1. WOW! love it! the colors are fabulous! can so see this piece as the table next to a nursery glider in a boy's nursery... it's perfect.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful table! You keep outdoing yourself.

    Have a Happy Birthday - Celebrate!

  3. Stopping over from Primative and Proper. That table turned out AMAZING. You did an amazing job. Great work and I hope you had a happy birthday..:)

  4. Your compass table is adorable, but it makes me a little jealous! I've had the same idea for a table of mine forEVER, but haven't gotten around to actually doing it yet ;-) Hope mine turns out as well as yours did!

  5. Cute little whimsical table. love the compass and the look you gave it. looks like a fun piece.


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