August 4, 2011

If Mother Nature had a sofa table....

Tomorrow, August 5th, is my wedding anniversary. We're off to beautiful Britsh Columbia to celebrate which is paradise to me. I keep telling The Mister that Im just sitting around waiting for him with the GO as Im ready to move any-time at all....We eloped in BC..ran away and told no one except my sister (I needed someone to feed my dog)..We didnt do it that way for any dramatic reasons. We wanted it to be about us and not about who cant sit beside each other at dinner, what is for dinner or what color of flowers should be centerpieces...The wedding part was beautiful...most of the day after that was perfect too. Hindsight, Id change a few things...(like hire a photographer so we'd have great pictures)....but not the runaway and elope part..that part was perfection..(even tho my mom might wish I say different..*love u*)

Do'in it

Making it legal ;-)

This week, the Mister and my Bunny (whom I have to start calling Madi b/c she shared with me that altho I can call her Bunny forever and ever...she's too old to be known wordwide as Bunny) Anyways, they went camping leaving me to fend for myself with a house full of projects. I didnt get as much done as I initially planned too..which is always my story, but I got enough done to keep me busy. I had a ton to do around the house..fix some big holey drywall, recaulk the window, repair the fence, replace some carpet, create a "" website for my work..but I still managed to get in fun stuff.....and Im not just talking about the wine on the rooftop patio with my girlfriends..which was also fun...Im talking painting Baby!

This piece I got from a lovely lady who was moving to Lethbridge..Lethbridge seems to be a running theme for me lately. Maybe the universe it trying to tell me something..I also finished a custom sidetable piece that now resides there..Ill show that another day...Anyways, the lady and I chatted forever about growing up in Lethbridge, since she has kids. She told me where her new house was and used the movie theatre as the refrence point which made me all mushy.. thats where The Mister and I met....I know...Awwwwwww....

In anycase, here is the table that she was leaving behind.

Justa plain pine table but beautiful character

and the AFTA!

The Mister and Madi took our good camera camping, so it was up to cell phone photos but just know..that in real life..this table is more amazing!..............and that isnt dog poop in the photo...its where I chipped off my golf ball while procratinating on getting lawn tools out of the shed and then using them..

She's rustic-shab...Id like to think if Mother Nature had a sofa table, this is what it would be..dark walnut stained perfectly imperfect, soft blue/green paint..distressed then oil glazed..nic's and dents all over the top wood and the drawer crowned with an Anthro Butterfly knob! Oye, Ima thinking very Rocky Mountain / BC that. *grin*

I love love love how she turned out. She stripped really well, stained inperfectly perfect in all the right places...Ioriginally bought her for us...then relunctly decided to sell her ...I had left her in the living room while the fam was away and when The Mister walked in..he asked if I listed it yet...I said "yes" and he said "sold" and carried it away...*grin* I guess he really likes it too since thats never happened before..*humph* I wonder where he thinks he's going to put it tho? Wall space is very limited around here....LOL

Have a great week!...Ill be enjoying the most amazing perfect wonderful heavenly place on the planet and this.....well, its coming from a girl who's been on a Disney cruise.....


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