July 24, 2011

*Poof* done and done and beautiful

*Cue Stevie*
"Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old"

Oye! The before:!

It wasnt the prettiest thing....to the untrained eye! I grabbed up this pie crust flip table like an eagle and tucked it away. I LOVE the coral color of my bedside tables so I knew I wanted to use it again....I bought some new wallpaper during a retail therapy session (yes, mine happen at hardware stores) so I used some that..then I felt like a lil turquiose, so I tossed some in.....yadda yadda some distressing and bla bla bla walnut oil and ..Viola.
Done and bea-u-ti-ful!

I posted the show off on my Facebook wall and she was sold literally, before her paint was dry. I LOVE it when things that come together so easily finish off just the same. What a very creatively productive lazy summer day...

Tomorrow my Bunny starts summer camp at an art center in the lush green tree filled rolling hills out of town. Im so envious of where she gets to spend her days...but, I have big plans to get a lot of projects done while she's away...My jam packed basement is the biggest to-do list I have and altho my clients are shining stars of patience and understanding, which I appreciate more than words can say..I'm freakin excited to start! Stay tuned...unless The Mister decides to take some days off then..I cant help but toss all of my to-do's to the wayside and hang out with him...selfishly, I hope he does...selfishly, I hope he doesnt *grin*


  1. Girl, that is ding-dong devastating! Nice work. Good luck on that basement :( UGH!

  2. Wonderful transformation. Nicely done. The floral on top is fab.

  3. that is so cute and fun! i also love the floral pattern on the top- looks perfect for that table! hope you and your bunny enjoy some creative time!


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