July 21, 2011

Shabby Cabin LUCKY!

Wowza....this summer has already been jam packed with busy-ness and Im stuggling (a wee bit) with finding the time to get projects done. With my bunny home and the sun a-shine'in, we're living the lazy summer days lazi'ly (??..is that even a word??)...but, Im still smooshing in pieces. My blog posts and finished projects may trickle instead of flow, but eventually...all things will be done....including my laundry.

This dresser came from the same place I did. Lethbridge, Southern Alberta, altho found it's way to the BIG city a different route. It came in the back of my Moms car instead of sitting on an upturned milk crate wedged and straddled between the gear shift of a less than road worthy Uhaul truck... I just loved this baby's lines and details and feet...and altho, I had no plan with this dresser when Mom hauled her in...I just socked her away in my basment until something came to fruition....as per my usual. Then, I met a lovely lady who needed a dresser...JUST like this one for her cabin in the woods..by the lake Im sure...whatta lucky dresser.

This was some magic staging taking place here in this photo....I swooned when I saw it too. Once I got down and into the bones of this dresser tho...I had to put hours and hours into repairing and replacing. She was truly a vintage piece but her baggage, was all internal (like so many of us really) The shell was in great condition, surface nics and dents..char-acter!! I kept it..I filled holes and cracks..no biggie, but it was the drawers that needed all of my attention..I had to rebuild drawer frames and replace all 4 drawer bases. Re-align the runners so they open and close easier and properly, stablize the whole piece with brackets so its solid. I didnt mind a bit tho. The Mister's been buying me power tools and with this project, I got to use every single one of them! Finally. She was ready for her next 100 years...and a coat of paint.

My client was taking her out to her cabin, so crisp, clean shabby white was the look we were going for!

Snazzy New Drawers

These pictures kinda suck...I apologise. It was overcast and cloudy...my camera was on its way to dead, since then its actually died...and white furniture, *I* find..it just hard to photo in general..

In anycase, you get the gist. I added some texture to the back panel for something kinda-fancy..did lions head knobs on the top drawer for something kinda masculine, vintage knobs I found at a flea market on the lower drawers and then distressed it.  I gave it an all over coat of wax for protection and some luster.. She's already at the B.C cabin living my the dream.   


  1. love the sweet simplicity of this one and the hardware! awesome work!

  2. LOVE IT, IT TURNED OUT BEAUTIFUL.i used lion a lion head pull on a white piece i did a few weeks ago.. great minds think alike...

  3. A-mazing!!! I love love love this!


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