July 11, 2011

Hello Yellow

I went to Red Deer yesterday to be with family and it made all the difference. To be surrounded with family laughing, crying, celebrating, remembering and just being together was more important and healing than I originally gave it credit for.. I came home to take my dogs to "The Country Club" (a 5 star resort for dogs/cats that I actually wouldnt mind staying at..theme rooms, swimming pools...ridiculous..LOL) and to pick up my toothbrush and Husband. Then off we'll be once again..

I managed to get a couple pieces done in the last couple weeks. This shelf:

It has sliding glass inserts for the front too..but it was the square details around the edges that made me swoon.  OoooooOooo......Ahhhhhhh....

I wanted it a bright color to really bring out those details., why, Hello Yellow..lightly distressed and suttlely glazed

The back panel I covered in bright fabric with a flower design. I sold this piece to Monica,  a photographer, who ended up lining the backside to this backside with a brown stripe pattern so she could adjust and change the panel for boys/girls or whatever suits her. She sent me a photo of her photo..its pretty spectacular. I wishwishwish I had an eye for photography...my beat up crappy deck Im sure doesnt look as shabby fab as I tell myself it does.

Find the baby...

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  1. so cute. i love it. i just did a piece in yellow to. it must be yellow fever! love the whimsy of it. Im posting it later today.


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