April 12, 2011

What not to Wear

I finished this sidetable a while ago along with its coffee table brother (read all about that here) I loved the effect and had intended on selling them as a set....but the coffee table was snatched up pronto and this lil table has been left all alone in my basment ever since..The more I looked at it..the more I thought this paint effect was almost "too heavy" for it. She's heavier on her bottom than her top and like the rest of us girls with the same body type, we know there's certain things that we just cant get away with wearing.. Not to mention that I was bored with her. Most of my items go to a new home right away and I'm just left with the fond memories and our special song, but this one hung around...and hung around...so she needed something..clearly....ahhhh..I got it.

Ive been working on a slightly frustrating piece of furniture lately and so was losing motivation fast....I decided that now was the perfect time to strip this sidetable for a quickie make-over that I knew wouldnt take forever, be pretty straight forward and hopefully keep me motivated. The shrieks from my family when they saw me slather my enviromentally friendly paint stripper all over this one was something that had me second guess and slightly panic but really, if I hated the outcome, I can easily re-do the abstract painting on top and do a Jedi mind trick on everyone to forget. "You didnt see the paint stripper" "You love putting your laundry away"..........Wha?! O! Like you wouldnt?!

In anycase, Im crazy about natural wood lately. Ive been stripping everything down to its bare unmentionables and staining all sorta of shades. I just love the natural look of a really great piece of wood..For this baby, I wanted a natural, soft, warm look for her make-over reveal.

I replaced the metal handles with stained, wooden ones that I had taken off of the curio cabinet and I thought were just perfect for this.

I'm super stoked with her re-do..much more appropriate I think..classy and clean and natural and soft.
She turned out perfectly.


  1. Very nice, I love the wood top!

  2. it looks SOOOO much better! nice save!

  3. i love the combination of the wood and paint finishes! nice job!!

  4. You've accomplished your goals for this table it looks great! Great combination of color and texture.

  5. i wasn't sure where to post answers to your questions - so here you go jic you didn't find them on my blog.....

    the "g" i actually picked up at hobby lobby. i knew i wanted initials but didn't even consider that finding the right font & size could be a problem. luckily they had one loption that worked AND i liked the font! shew! i should have been worrying about that but i was too busy worrying about the veneer popping off! the "g" has a lot of depth to it from how the stain settled in and around the surface - probably makes it look less like wood!

    thanks again for stopping by!



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