April 7, 2011

Scarlet the Red Table

I need to get creative..calling all the sidetables "sidetables" is becoming confusing..especially for my booky...
Alright, I actually dont have a booky....I have my husband. We're very ying and yang...I like to paint, he hates to paint, I dont keep track of anything "important-paper-work" related very well (at all actually)  but, he's a rockstar at it..even bought me a computer program where I click on the picture icons, fill in all the blanks with info about a piece I painted and it pops out..well, I dont know yet as I havent got it completly figured...Ive been too busy painting. But, its going to be brillint Im sure. In anycase, the projects need refrences to keep them apart...Right now when someone wants to buy my "sidetable"...I have a list I have to run down to find which one they're referring to and I dont like that.

So, this baby I hauled home last week....I had a friend in mind when I picked it up as she's spoken a lot about wanting a table for either behind her couch or in front of her window....I was thinking...maybe this will be perfect...

Red..I just knew it had to be red and in conversations with my girlfriend, she had mentioned that she would love a red table...Oye, again, things are working out so perfectly..

She was in a bit of rough shape and needed some love..the sidetable, not my friend, she's totally 100%..but she is solid with many years behind her...oh my gosh..again, Im referring to this table only....Its still a really beautiful piece if you can look past the initial ugly of the peeling varnish, the cracks in her wood, a few loose screws, which I always can..Oye, the TABLE!

Disclaimer: I just got home from an especially intense and gruling Bootcamp class and want absolutly nothing but a very large slab of chocolate (like as big as my head) and a cup of my favorite ever Rooibos Licrorice tea, the first, I am denying myself of, the second I am out of...
Thank You
Moving on.
T, I hope you still like-like me *grin* and I know you know how the mind is mush when in this fog..

Scarlett the Red Table

You know I love to show some shabby-ness with a lil bit of distresss and a lil bit of oil glaze.

I love her

I gave my girlfriend first dibs and I hope she hurry's up and checks her email with the attached pictures..this baby can easily find a home here with me......for-ever.....until my Mom comes over and swipes it....and then my sister goes home, distracts my Mom with a bottle of red and stuffs it in her car.. Scarlet the Red Table already has groupies..

and here is where Im paying homage to the original Scarlet in Red...whom, I loooove and adore.

Edited to Add:
Scarlet has a new home, under a window sill..at my girlfriends house...where she will live happily ever after.

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  1. I Love her too - your table!

  2. Thank you Lauren! Also, thank you for all the wonderful and thoughtful comments. You make me smile!

  3. I love that color. It turned out great!

  4. you make us smile - love the red AND all your girlfriends with a screw loose

  5. Great color choice! So much better than just white!! :)

  6. Thank you for the comments! I had to come and re-read my blog this am...I had that confusion this morning like I had too many bevies and made some phone calls...but dont remember what I said or who I called...LOL..in my case, it was exhaustion...not booze..
    I think Im good tho!

  7. In LOVE with that table!! What a great color choice!! New follower too...can't wait to see more :)

  8. Lovin that shade of red. SUch a great table. I love this blog too - I'm your newest follower. Please stop by for a visit sometime.

  9. i think i love scarlet!
    to quote rhett...
    No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.

  10. Okay, now THIS baby made me sign up to be a follower...WICKEDLY GORGEOUS!! Please share what brand/colour paint you used to achieve this FABULOUS red!!

  11. YAY! Thank you and welcome! I dont know the name of this red b/c is was an oops...but it was a Benjamin Moore..Ill see if I can find the closest shade and let you know! After I painted the red on, I did glaze it with dark walnut oil..I do agree tho..she did turn out to be the perrrfect shade of red!


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