March 2, 2011

Passionatly Thinking...

I have always been a creative artistic spirit who needed the means and mediums to express myself thru colors on a canvas or words on a page. Ive always passionatly loved the arts! I paint, I write..those are my outlets that I need to live happy.  I wishwishwish I could sing, cook, play guiltar and act in the theatre Production of "Phantom of the Opera" too I tried once to deny myself these parts of me, not intentionally but life got busy, expectations were created, standards were set and life got crowed..but was work and I was miserable. After some soul searching and serious conversations with myself, I realized that in order for me to live happy after ever with me, I need to paint and I need to write. (and while doing either, I hafta-hafta-hafta listen to my music for  true potential and inspiration to bubble to the surface) This was the new road I was taking, never having any regrets for even a moment since. I absolutly believe that every-single person on this globe has a spark...a "thing" inside of them that they are fabulous and wonderful and beautiful at. Something that adds to this planets coloful, bright platform of diversity and opportunity all the while engaging your own spirit ...I see people everyday who are amazing at something. People who paint, sculpt, sing...people who bake, sew, cook or build. People who can play an instrument, write, act, garden.... just create.  Just do something wonderful, first for themselves, then for others. Yet, many are afraid to embrace there own passions...whatever they may be..I used to...afraid of being judged and afraid of being no good, afraid of doing something for myself and just afraid of .........something.

My friend Corey Wilson (who Ive known since I was 14, so not that long ago *grin*) has a passion  for photography...He created a personal project and contact me about it...and thru the conversation....low and behold, he too shared the same belief that I have..but he wanted to capture it on film. He's brilliant coming up with this idea! Anyway, he asked if Id take part and of course...YEAH I did!
His project is called "By the Sweat of Your Brow" and thru photography, he will be showcasing people who are doing exactly what there passionate about...can I be any more flattered and inspired and gobsmaked that he wanted me involved!!  Please visit his blog to not only to see this wonderful, encouraging and motivating project (maybe you'll see me *grin-grin*), but also because he's a damn good photographer!

Moments Made Visual ------------CLICK IT!


  1. Wow! Thanks for all the kind words Christie. The post with all of your lovely pictures is now up. I hope you like them.

  2. Forgot the link! Here you go:


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