February 27, 2011

I'm so glad I talk to myself!

Yesterday I had to drive out of town....north. Very far deep north. I live very far deep south but since I never go that far north, it was a lovely morning trip. I was early for meeting my sister there and so meandered around..and low and behold, stumbled across a Thrift store I had, obviously, never been to before..Hh-vun!!

I found this lil guy there. He's just over 18" high but he is solid, heavy and so totally vintage ..I LOVED him right away!

A face only a DIY'er could love

I dont spray paint ever....but paint this? By hand? Metal? Uhhh...I dont think so..so THANK GAWD, while I was at the paint store months ago, I talked myself in buying "Cherry Red" Krylon spray paint because I loved the color...and THANK GAWD, being the oh-so-no-sewer-at-all that I am..talking myself into buying some of this fabric that I just had to have for no reason whatsoever..


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  1. the cherry red is perfect! it looks awesome! and i actualyl talk to myself, too- like aloud. i didn't even know it but my husband pointed it out to me, and now i notice it, so now i am constantly telling myself to be quiet. ;)

  2. Love this cute little stool, the right color is great and the fabric on the top is perfect!


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