February 25, 2011

Steamed Rice Smell: Bad..New Sidetables: Beautiful

The beautiful thing about working on so many projects at once is that they are all at the same stage at the same time which is good and bad..so, altho I primed and sanded 5 pieces at once (bad), today I decorative painted 5 pieces at once (so good) I rotated in a circle when I needed time for paint to dry on whichever piece..it was perfect!

These babies I just finshed yesterday and want to keep so badly but alas, story of my life....I dont have the space..as I dont get rid of the other "loves" I have around here..and wont.....yet *smile*

In any case, drumroll....

The Before:

These guys were smelly...like steamed rice and old people...*dont mean to offend anyone who eats steamed rice or is an older-ish type person* Im just keeping it honest here.....


The power of a good Primer plus good ol soap and water makes amazing, lovely and smelly fresh furniture! 

I love how these turned out. With my very first ever Lowe's "Oops" paint purchase of a gray-teal-ish color and a good thuro cleaning..well,thats all these babies needed and I think, they are bea-ut-i-ful~

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  1. One word comes to mind...Stunning! It may be oops paints but what a great combo! Love it!! You'll have no problem finding a home for it!

  2. What a huge difference. That was a great shade that you found at Lowes. Made them look so much better!

  3. As much as I really like what you've done for these pieces, I still LovE my bird one ;-)

  4. Love that color! Glad they smell better now!

  5. They look Beautiful you did a great job!!
    Agatha at audistree.blogspot.com

  6. Those look amazing.
    Don't forget to join me for More The Merrier Monday and link up all of your great projects.


  7. i love these! they look great against those purple walls = ) too bad you arent keeping them! btw, LOVE that you have PJ on your playlist!!

  8. those look awesome! and i love your comment about the smell because i totally get it! ;) that made me laugh aloud!

  9. love the way the end tables turned out. i awarded you the versatile blogger award
    i hope youll stop by and accept it...


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