February 15, 2011


Read the title of my post with one of your hands in a finger gun position....BAM!BAM!BAM! and blow the smoke right off the index.....THATS what I'm doing to my list of projects! I tackle a lot at once, I knooow, but I also finish a lot too...one right after the other and I so LOVE that...Like an assembly line of creativity..ever changing...always challenged..never bored. This baby challenged me for sure!! I had a clear cut idea and plan with what I wanted to do..but I could never make it happen. I painted one color..didnt like it....painted another color..didnt like it...times all that by 6.. Finally, I went and picked out a specific color, which I never-ever do. Then, karma baby....I paid the arm and leg for this highly recommended stuff, only to find its completly and totally CRAP paint which extended this project out over days and weeks instead of the couple hours it should have been. Im stubborn like that. I paid for the brand new quart, Im going to use the brand new quart and just know for next time that I hated that brand. The paint was like brushing on watered down color....dripping everywhere and no coverage at all! I stopped counting the coats I was painting on after 12...YES, thats right..I said 12 and I even primed....that stuff was awful...Olympic at Lowe's. Blek..spit..spit..fooey..I dont at all reccommend.


Here is my before as a re-fresher...

In ANYCASE, I should have done 82 more coats on it to get it to have the firm, deeeep green I wanted, but I was so done painting those legs, so the shabby look it was...I painted the mirror frame with metallic copper and added the wood detail underneath it. The drawer got my favorite and probably over used charm of paintable wallpaper...

Please excuse the cat. I honestly forget we even have one until I whip the camera out...THEN she comes running and places herself in every single shot....sucha Diva.
I also ditched the original stool. A) It was broken and after the paint fiasco, I didnt want to invest the time to fix it B) I HAD this stool all done and sitting in a closet C) I liked it all together WAY better than the ugly, broken huge original stool and D) I hate the word stool..

with Flash...and the added BRIGHT-ness of green that its not in real life..
I guess the good thing about my indecisivness with color is that once I started sanding the green down...the yellow, baby blue,  turquoise and the red all peeked thru...Love unplanned character...


  1. What a beautiful piece! Dunno how you do it . . . .

  2. Love this fun piece! Very unique, the knob is so cute!

  3. Good for you Christy. I wish I had your energy and your vision. You do beautiful work. I love the green desk with the chair. I also LOVE the pink dresser/vanity and I am coming over to steal it momentarily.

  4. Such a great make over, looks fab!

  5. the detail you added to the drawer makes all the difference- gorgeous!

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  7. Beautiful piece it all came together so nice.
    Love the colors and the little knob gives it a little

  8. Wow! I would have never thought to put a pink knob on a green piece like that but it works really well. The detail on the drawer face is phenomenal.

    Coming over from Lauren's place after seeing your feature. :)

  9. Hi Christy, thanks for popping over. I really like what you did with the vanity! I actually just bought printable wallpaper for a cabinet i'm working on right now! great minds think alike!

  10. I have spent the last hour reading your blog and falling in love with it (peppered with watching Top Chef Masters)
    When I came to this post I had to ask a question. I saw a set like that at a flea market today and looked at getting it. I JUST (this month) started painting furniture. I have a question for you. Is this makeup dresser you painted made of real wood or partical board? Cause the one I saw was which is why I didn't get it cause I wasn't sure it was worth the time if it's not real wood but this looks great and if it can be done I might go get the other one cause for the seat and dresser it was only $20.

  11. Hi..YAY and welcome!! Thank you for spending your time here...I truly really do appreciate it so much! This vanity that I did was a mixture of both..the legs, drawer front and top was real wood but the middle side parts and mirror was partical board..I know exactly what you mean about not worth the time...sometimes I just have to walk away from great pieces that I feel the same about...I want the pieces to last 127 years for the amount of time Im putting in on them...BUT for $20, it might just be something fun and new to do... and worth it just for that!

  12. Love it. Love the little "bench". Love the cat!


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