February 13, 2011

Vanity done? Check..


Ive finished number 1 of 72 tasks on my ta-do list..The first up was my own vanity I recieved as a wedding gift 119 years ago..doing the math? YES! That does mean Ive had it  boring for a very long time.  I just left it and the 2 matching dressers alone.....until now...inspired by my now-navy-and-not-red bedroom and Im also taking advantage of this crazy motivation I have right now to do all things at once. So, I started here and turned this:



I had originally decided to paint the furniture a light brown-yellow-y color..(Like the legs are right now) and I did...but then, the more I painted my room, the more the same light brown-yellow-y color of all of trim stood out more and more. I also ordered new curtains and when they got here and all hung up.. the same light brown-yellow-y color..All looks amazing...but it would have been toooo much. So, bring in this rose oops paint color from HD and its loooove. I also recycled and put to work an old bi-fold shutter door thats perfectly distressed and shabby..

Yes, that is my sleeping Bunny in the reflection

I love it...and its for me, which is weird because normally I dont get to live long with my completly painted pieces since they sell pretty quickly or they already belong to someone..Now, I just have to talk The Mister into letting me paint his dresser (part of this set) the same rose color...Im trying to sell it as a "maculine pink"...Im not holding my breath...


  1. it looks beautiful and so glad you get to keep it!!! and i hate the s word, too... you can call it a bench when using it for a vanity. that is what i do because it just sounds prettier.

  2. I love the color, it's very pretty. Great piece, I'm working on a vanity right now. Thanks for some inspiration.

  3. I love pink furniture, it is so charming! It turned out darling!

  4. Oooh, very nice. Perfect for a girls room...ladies room...woman's room? You know what I mean! Perfect!


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