February 6, 2011

A great.... big.... bite

Ever have a really great idea that makes you super excited and you jump right in with arms flanging above your head...only to get 1/4 of the way done and wonder "wha the h...was I thinking?"
I just did that...and even tho, now that Im closer to the finish than I am to the start and I love it....it was a long, hard haul. Im speaking about painting my bedroom walls. Now, normally, I know this isnt a big whoop for most..4 walls..couple days done. However, my bedroom is GIN-oR-MROUSous! It 2 stories (has a loft above it), 25 foot ceiling and many many angles and corners. I love my room..it sold me on the house, however, its time to move away from the red on the walls. My brain works kinda funny and I can see how somedays I can drive The Mister crazy...see, we had talked very casually one day about painting the room..then...months later about how I would "someday" like it to be a dark navy and how we, of course, would just hire someone to do it as its such a mammoth job. Then, 4 days ago, I woke up, rolled out of bed and went directly to the paint store. By the time The Mister opened his eye's, he was staring at the first wall, with the first coat of dark navy being rolled on. I dunno, I woke up that morning not being able to stand the red, or stand my room like that any longer. So far its paid off. I love the color crazy, however honestly, even if I didnt..there's no freakin way I would start over again...this job is ridiculous huge.

THEN, besides, tearing apart the complete second and third floor of my house in order to paint the master bedroom...There's a 6 ft ladder in my bathroom ok, I also decided after 6 years *insert eye roll* Im going to paint the furniture in our room too *insert gasp and jaw drop*. The Mister always pointed out that I paint all these pieces and sell them right away..but yet... our stuff..OUR STUFF, is still the same ol boring bla bla bla 6 years later...I get his point, I agree. No time like the present, Im on it right now too..

My vanity, mirror and stool

We also have 2 matching dressers to this set, but I'm doing one at a time. There's no need to create complete kaos in the midst of total disorganization all at once is there?

Wait, besides painting my gignormaous corner stuffed 2 story bedroom + loft, all by myself I might add, AND my 3 pieces of antique lotsa detail gobby wood bedroom furniture, I also decided to paint a piece for sale...'cause gotta keep the inventory up.

This one, Im now on my NINETH color choice..I dunno if my brain is trying to be creative in too many different directions and I cant think straight or if Im looking for something specific and I dont know what the he*# that is yet...in anycase, this one Im stuffing in inbetween coats of paint on my walls, coats of paint on my vanity, parenting, quality family time, training my dog to not poop right next to the cat litter box even tho its cold outside and I do a) appreciate the effort and b) totally undersatand how unfair it is, or while waiting for the water to boil for dinner....siiiiigh...Im freakin terrible at time management!! I need to work on that!

So, dont forget about me...Ill try to blog while I wait for my coffee to brew, and show more pictures and tell more stories once things get done...because of course, on my way home today, I picked up 2 more pieces needing a revival..and Im biting at the bit to start those too. I KNOW RIGHT!? Sometimes even I know when the bites too big..

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