January 31, 2011

Didja Miss Me?

Ahhh..there's no place like home. Well, except maybe a Disney Cruise.  It was maaaaarvalous! I'd never been on a cruise ever so didnt know what to expect but seriously....the bar has now been set so high, the only way to match it is to go on another one. We loved every single second of it! The ship, the ports, everything was amazing. Right now Im finding life a wee bit difficult only becasue I went from Caribbean sun back to a Canadian winter and I went from eating all-day-long to trying to contain my food cravings back to my main meals. I went to make a grocery list yesterday and after 30 minutes staring at a blank page, the Mister asked if I was ok. "I cant even think about what I need to make for dinner, all I can think about is  the amazing things we had for dinner." Home is going to take some getting used to.

I left turquoise waters, sun and pampering and came home to a snowstorm and a mountian of laundry, which totally destroyed my beautiful manicure/pedicure The Mister treated me to while on board....

and the whole reason we went in the first place..or the reason we justified going anyways..LOL

My Bunny's 10th birthday. This "piece" of cake was a full sized cake. The Mister cut it into large size pieces and dished one out to everyone at our table, 7 people, and we still took some back to our cabin for later. Now the pure delish-ness of this cake is something that I know I will never find  a match for..

After the cruise we went to Walt DisneyWorld...Considering the airfare for us to get our butts to Florida was more than the cruise itself, we thought why the hell not? Let me tell you....altho we had so much fun and we're all so glad we went and saw...the 3 of us fully agree that there will be no need to go back to them...and if we ever were to relive and redo this trip, my now-gone-thru-it advise to myself would be to do the Disney World parks first, cruise second. Our life, having now done all things Disney on the North American continent will only ever consist of Disney cruises and Disneyland (probably in that order for selfish reasons).The World, well, its a mighty HUGE place and I felt like we spent all of our precious time in lines (because apparently, January is not the "off season" in Florida) or on buses to get somewhere...Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion were my favorite rides in Disneyland, but after an 80 minute wait for one and a 60 minute wait for the other...well, even knowing exactly what to expect in each, they were still a let down purely based on the wait time and sore feet. But ya know what, in the end, I was with my family. We snuck in 5 extra days together before the real world had to take over again, My Bunny got her frozen chocolate banana on a stick, The Mister got his ridiculous ginormaous Turkey leg, I got to go on  "Its a small world" to relive a childhood memory and the days were fun and wonderful and special just for all of that.
Sidenote: While I was singing along and fully enjoying my "Small World" experience...afterwards when I asked Bunny how she liked it, she replied that she thought it was really creepy and almost be like being in a bad dream....rethinking it..I have to agree. It actually is a kinda weird, "Chucky" sorta ride...LOL
My favorite Walt Disney World memory tho was a hilarious dinner at "The Brown Derby." A kind of frou-frou place. The Mister was suggesting items that Bunny might like to order. "What about the spit-roasted Chicken?"
"Are you kidding me Dad!? There is no way Im eating anything that starts with the word spit!" I bawled my mascara off right there laughing so hard...so a 8 ounce steak it was! (Thank you VERY much Disney dining plan!)

Now, when we left for this trip, I had purposly emptied my basement of furniture to do...so when I got home, I needed some pronto..and within hours, I was meeting one of my closets friends for dinner and picking up some furniture on the way. stay tuned...its almost done and very caribbean inspired.

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  1. I hear that Mediterranean Cruises are super! Greek Islands are supposed to be beautiful (but if the ship has trouble, the lifeboats are first used by the crews). Just a thought . . . . :)


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