March 3, 2011


Im going to share *my* very favorite photo's that Corey took..He was so gracious to allow me to use them freely. Thank you Corey! I love how he used the shadow and light effect thing (thats the technical term Im sure of it) to really make the colors of the pieces pop! Unfortunatly, he came over soon after we got home from our cruise and I didnt have as many in-progress or finished pieces in my basement as I usually have...sucha bummer selfishly for me as my turqoise sidetable is stun-ning in this shot and I definitly woulda made him take photos of everysingle thing! Good thing the family wasnt home that aftenoon, or they woulda had it coming to them too!

Uggg I WISH I could take photo's just like this


Also, I was actually really painting the day he came over and so no, I didnt doll myself up for the photo's I knew he would be taking of me. JUST gonna put it out there as an FYI for those in my close circle of outspoken family and friends that want to comment on my lack of doll-ed up-ness for getting my photo professionally done..I love you and you know who you are..*smile* Painting is priority.....even sometimes over making dinner. Ask the pizza delivery guy.

and this one was fun

Because right afterwards, Something funny happened:
what it was?.......I dunno. Who cares tho, this photo makes me laugh


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  1. Cute photos...I followed you from Lauren's blog! :)


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