March 5, 2011

Guilt Averted.

I feel that every single person deserves one day off a week. One day to stay in there jammies, and lay around whererever they can be the most comfy to do whatever it is they want to. Be it read, watch TV, nap or daydream...there are zero expectations and no guilt. We practise what I preach over at our house and today is our day. The only thing I ask, is that all teeth must still be brushed. So, my Bunny's been watching movie after movie in her jammies, eating non stop (healthy choices...I still do a little parenting on these days) and Im rotating between joining her on the couch watching movies,  reading her books or painting. It is one of my favorite days!

I wondered upstairs to check my email when Bunny fell asleep and got an amazing surprise in my inbox. Lauren from West Furniture Revival, who's blog I read every morning with my cuppa coffee awarded me:

YAY me!

So, this is super exciting! Now, as per the rules of the award, I have to share 7 Things about myself, which is actually harder than it sounds.


1. Im not a real blonde

2. My guilty pleasure is watching Judge Judy and sometimes, in certain situations I ask myself.
"what would Judge Judy do?

3. I cant not/should not/better not listen to Phantom of the Opera while driving. I get too carried away singing with passion that I'm a hazard
*for demonstrative purposes only..not actually something Ive done*

4. Pearl Jam is my very favorite band..followed very closely by The Doors and if I could sing, I imagine myself to sound exactly like Serena Ryder.

5. I looove to read but hate starting new books

6. Most of my friends just call me Carter

7.  My hair is down to my waist...but, I wish I had enough courage and guts to chop it off into the cutest lil cut like this that Ive been in love with since forever:

and that would be that! I had loads of suggestions for this list from The Mister and our Bunny as they laughed hysterically between each other, but clearly, ummm, I nixed those. *smile*

Thank you so much Lauren at West Furniture Revival for passing the award onto me!

Now, I want to forward my award onto these blogs that I think are awesome and deserving and I love 'em!


  1. love your post. very cute. ill visit your sites that you suggested too...

  2. thank you for the award, i'm so flattered! i also like to read but hate starting a new book because it takes me awhile to get into it usually. :)

  3. Haha. I love it. I laughed too hard about the phantom of the Opera bit. It is hilariously true..Wonderful. Best we never be in the same vehicle with Phantom blaring..


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